The Checking Account of my Conscience

Here I am, at 3:04 in the morning, trying to squeeze out every ounce of complacency that I can out of the wintery fresh toothpaste of unemployment.  What has driven me to this inevitable point?  Well…my delusions of professional grandeur have taken a backseat to the unavoidable roadblock of the immediate future.  The financial obligations of the present and near future have propelled me back into the search for an engineering gig.  However, these past 3 months of unemployment have only reaffirmed the fact that I will not end my professional career as an engineer – there remains scant doubt of that.  I will have to find a way to juggle reality with fantasy.  Eventually, hopefully…a smooth transition can be made from the engineering world to the next phase of my life (whatever that may be).  For now, unemployment has served its purpose as a much needed break from the grind and an opportunity for me to gain perspective on the path that has led me to this point.  Hopefully, I can finagle an engineering gig soon enough and return to the good ol’ days of being able to direct deposit some financial security into the checking account of my conscience.

Back to the nonsensical and unimportant.

The only pop-culture relevant activity I engage in nowadays is the viewing of “The Jersey Shore” on MTV.  I try to make it a point to catch the new episodes on Thursdays.  Now, for someone like myself who proclaims being above the absurdity of senseless adulation of irrelevant entertainment, I’ve ironically found myself completely engrossed by “The Jersey Shore”.  Then again, I have a tendency to contradict my incessant ramblings every now and again.  For example, years ago, I was an avid viewer of the “Flava Flav” reality shows – even though I adamantly slammed shows of greater quality, content, and inclined intelligence.  You can preheat that oven of judgment to 350 and pop that cake of hypocrisy in for 30 minutes.

Cut me some slack though.  My TV viewing is no different than folks’ approach to a diet.  Every now and then, we all cheat and slip in a donut or three.  We ain’t a damn bit perfect – and I ain’t a damn bit different.  I just can’t help myself sometimes with these inane TV shows.  Anyways, castigate the Jersey Shore cast all you want; there is no denying the relationships that the cast members have developed with one another on the show.  There is truly a sense of family with the cast on the show.  Regardless of how ridiculous the characters act on the show, I cannot deny the camaraderie.  On the Real World, you never get the sense that the cast is “one big family”.  Never.  Everyone seems intent on exploiting their own profile.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not naive – The Jersey Shore cast isn’t immune to self-exploitation…but…at the end of the day, regardless of what happens in that house, they come together and attempt to resolve their differences.  If you’ve watched the show enough, then that is quickly apparent.  In one of the more recent episodes this season, Sammi “Sweetheart” is insistent on leaving the house.  For anyone who’s watched the show, it’s fairly apparent that the least popular member of the house is Sammi.  From an audience standpoint, she’s clearly the weakest link of the show.  I honestly thought that the cast would be elated and giddy about her departure – that they’d let her leave with little coercion to stay.  However…I was wrong.  Regardless of the way they felt about her (nearly the entire cast is overtly anti-Sammi), they convinced her to stay.  Like I said, the Jersey Shore cast seem to value the concept of family.  I’m not even sure why MTV decided to film a Real World this year (Real World:  Las Vegas).  The Jersey Shore is far more entertaining and relevant than the Real World has been in decades.

With all of the success that The Jersey Shore has had over the past year and a half, why is the production level of the show still so amateur?  I mean, I understood in the 1st season when they didn’t bank on the show being successful…but what about now?  The show is massively successful and they still use the same intro for the show?  Why are they still living in that crummy crib on the Shore?  And…they’re still working at the t-shirt shop?  I guess MTV figured that there’s no need to fix what isn’t broken….but…still…c’mon, man.  You cats had 8.5 million viewers for the season premiere…ON CABLE!  Those are RIDICULOUS numbers.  Alls I’m asking is to invest some money into the production of the show.  Plus, the Jersey Shore…again?  I mean…they go to the same damn club every night (Karma)!  I mean…my boys and I fist tap and chest bump the geriatric fuck seemingly every weekend at CosmoLava…but even we toss in a Havana or Opera every now and then.  Well…I guess MTV sensed the possibility of staleness and…word on the street is that The Jersey Shore will be shot in Italy next season.  Now that, mi amici, should be interesting.  I wonder how the local Italians will treat the cast.  I’m assuming that the local Italianos will be slicking their hair back in anticipation of their arrival so they can roast them.  Then again, maybe they’ll embrace them and try to educate them on the culture and history of Italy.  I’d check-raise on the former.