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GT 45 – UGA 42. Nuff said.

GT 45 – UGA 42. Nuff said.

GT 45 - UGA 42.  'Nuff said.

Por fin.

After 7 LONG years of suffering heartbreaking after mindnumbing loss after one another, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team finally beat the University of Georgia (45-42 this past Saturday in Athens).  Tech never beat UGA in my years there, so this win was especially bittersweet.  What made it even more gratifying was that we defeated a school defined (for the most part) by obnoxiously biased fans.  For whatever reason, UGA fans (and in general, SEC fans) are the most biased college football fans in the country.  Not only do they bitch and complain about how often their school or conference is overlooked, but they annoyingly chastise and berate their competition.

They overvalue their athletic programs and fail to be realistic with their expectations and evaluations.  Plus, when they beat you, they are despicably obnoxious.  They will continue to rub it in your face and remind you of their supposed dominance.   I was sick and tired of hearing about how great UGA is.  They need to know their place in the grand scheme of things…and now…maybe they do.  Then again, they are, after all biased, obnoxious, and unrealistic – so they probably think they deserve a bid in the BCS title game over other worthy and far superior teams.

Every so often, someone smacks the brash, opressive bully in the mouth – and that’s exactly what we did this past Saturday.  Their star running back (Knowshown Moreno) had the audacity to disrespect Georgia Tech’s Johnathan Dwyer by saying, “Who?” when asked about Tech’s lead running back.  BIG MISTAKE.  HUGE MISTAKE.

We effectively told him (and the rest of the UGA squad) to “shut your face”.  From preseason no. 1 to getting their tails handed to them at home on Senior Day by an archrival (in addition to handing them their 3rd loss).  I’d confidently classify that as a “damn homey” moment.

Absolute kudos goes to Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson.  In his 1st year, he’s equaled Chan Gailey’s maximum win total (9 – with a bowl game still to go) and has done something Gailey never did:  beat Georgia.  This Johnson guy seems like he’s the truth…but I’ll reserve absolute judgment until after next year.  We’ll see if he can maintain this type of success.  Regardless, that triple option had the UGA defenders on their heels the entire second half.  Like I predicted at the beginning of the season, they didn’t know where the ball was going.  Left right left right…he gone!  That’s how the entire second half went.

Finally, the Ball-Gailey (as in Reggie Ball and Chan Gailey) curse has been lifted.  Consistency is all I’ve asked for the past 5 years…and it finally seems as we’ve gotten that.  Thank you Paul Johnson for a memorable season so far.  Maybe this fancy-boy triple option actually can work in a “big boy” conference.

Also, as much as the ACC has been diminished and dissed this past year (and probably rightfully so), they went 3-1 against the supposed powerhouse SEC this past weekend.  We will probably also send 10 teams to bowl games.  So, while the ACC still has a ways to go in terms of competing for BCS bowls and title games, they seem to be headed in the right direction.

I will savor this victory for a while.

GT 45 – UGA 42.  ‘Nuff said.

The Ongoing Wussification of America

The Ongoing Wussification of America



I came across an article on that epitomizes the title of this post.

The article is about a 9-year old kid who’s being disallowed to further pitch on his little league team because he is “too good”.  They say the kid throws 40 mph – which doesn’t sound like much, but apparently for a 9-year old is fast enough to have his fellow little leaguers defecating pop tarts and pissing Capri Sun in their polyester uniforms.

Even though he has yet to hit a batter, parents are fearing for their kids’ safety.  Now…I know everything is relative…but…that is some bitch shit.  Straight up.  I played baseball for 10+ years.  Step your ass up to the plate and grow some huevos.  How can we expect kids to persevere when their very own parents are afraid to let them?

Is it just me or have kids (and even parents – especially the parents) gotten a lot softer over the past decade?  There are even states that impose “mercy rules” on certain high school or pee-wee leagues.  I know this may sound borderline asinine, but getting your ass whooped is an integral part of becoming a grown ass man (or woman).  You shouldn’t shelter kids from adversity.  Do that and you’ll end up making PBJs for the future Unabomber or cooking up a mean plate of scrambled eggs and hasbrowns for the future Eric Rudolph.

What is up with these parents?  It’s like they want to protect their kids from reality.  The real world isn’t merciful and forgiving – it’s unrelenting and challenging.  The real world will slap the shit out of you – and laugh afterwards for good measure.  In your face.

Ain’t no coddling or holding hands going on.  It may seem like I have a pessimistic outlook on life and the real world, but it’s quite the opposite.  I’m actually about as optimistic a cat as you may ever meet, but momma ain’t raise no rotli eating brown fool.  I’ve persevered enough to appreciate and differentiate the good from the bad, to discern the ugly from the fugly.

As far as getting embarassed in sports, I know all about that.  Please do believe I know all about that.  For Scientology’s sake, I played ball at Clarkston High School.  Of course I know about being shamed athletically into submission.  We had our moments where we played like gahbage…like an immensely putrid pile of kushasha.  But…we persevered and moved on to the next game.

I remember back when I played on the junior varsity team at Clarkston, we had a game against Towers High School (if memory serves me right) where we lost by 30 runs (at least).  30 runs!  They scored a friggin’ run for every day of the month…and some.  I’ll never forget what my coach uttered to an assistant coach in the dugout after the game:  “This is the worst fucking team I’ve ever coached.”  And you know what?  He was probably right.  We stunk up the joint like month old tofu.  But you know what else?  I learned from that.  Believe you me, when I was out on that field, I didn’t want the ump to call the game.  I didn’t give a shit that we were getting our green and gold culos handed to us.  There is a certain kind of honor in taking an ass whoopin’.

Sometimes, you gotta feel the pain in order to feel the joy.  The more difficult the bad times, the more satisfying the good times.  Like I always tell my friends when they’re hungry….the longer you wait for the food (and the hungrier you get), the better the food will taste.  The more satiable your palate will become.  Often this advice is met with a smattering of 4-letter words and a crescendo of sighs, but I like to think it resonates a little.

I don’t exactly know what kind of parent I will be…but I know what kind I want to be.  And that ain’t the kind who’s going to spoil or baby.   I’m pretty damn sure that my wife will be the good cop while I’ll be the bad cop – and I think that system could work pretty well.  My wife will be calling my kids “honey” and “sweetie” while I’m giving them the The People’s Eyebrow (you gotta click on this link) and calling them “jabronis” and “candy asses”.

I sure as hell hope I don’t contribute to the ongoing wussification of America.

Stop the wussification.

The Olympics

The Olympics

I’m gonna miss the Olympics.  Every four years, I am thoroughly captivated by the Olympic games (especially the Summer Games) and all its events.  I even watched the Trampoline Finals (yes…that is an actual event)…and enjoyed it.  If enough is at stake in an athletic event, I’m one of those cats that may be interested enough to tune in.  And when is more at stake than the Olympics?

Imagine working 4 years (without pay) for 1 moment.  One career and maybe life-defining moment.  I won’t even attempt to imagine the pressure these athletes face.

Maybe having to wait for these events 4 years makes us appreciate it that much more.  Like the World Cup.   After the epic World Cup we witnessed a few summers back, we still have to wait another 2 years for the next world cup.  Has it really been 2 years since the world witnessed the headbutt felt around the world?

I was watching the 100m womens hurdles tonight and watched the excruciating stumble suffered by Lolo Jones on the second to last hurdle as she appeared on her way to gold.   With the slight graze of her leg against the hurdle, her dream was left tattered and broken on the track in the Bird’s Nest in Beijing.  How can you not feel for these athletes?  How can you not sympathize with their failures and celebrate with their success?  But, this is what makes the Olympics what they are.  Overwhelming triumph and devastating despair dramatically intertwine every 4 years.  You cannot script this.  Folks from all corners of the globe come together in pursuit of their Olympic dream.

It’s going to be a long 4 years until London.  I have got to go to an Olympic games in my life before I die.  When they were in Atlanta, I didn’t attend a single event and didn’t think much of it back then.  I now regret that.  I have been throwing around the idea of going to London for the 2012 games with my friends – and I think I want to see that through.

When the White Boy Touches the Ball

When the White Boy Touches the Ball

I’ve just realized that we won’t be able to play our favorite St. Patty’s Day drinking game this year: “chug some beer when the white boy touches the ball”. Every year we’ve visited Savannah, we’ve gone during the 1st weekend of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. And every year, whenever any white boy on any team would touch the ball, we would chug some beer. I’m sure you can imagine how incoherently inebriated we became whenever Duke played. At least I won’t have to worry about my tolerance being pushed to its limits by Tyler “Don’t Tase Me” Hansbrough (pictured above).

I was looking forward to upping the ante this year by taking a shot every time a white boy dunks, but I guess that’ll have to wait until next year. Apparently, the geniuses on the NCAA board decided to start March Madness the weekend after St. Patty’s Day this year. Ahh…the things we take for granted…

I haven’t even mentioned the “whiteboy effect” on a team’s chances of reaching the Final Four. I will explain this in greater detail as the Big Dance approaches…

The New York Football Giants

The New York Football Giants

“Excuses are tools of the incompetent.” That is a quote that I heard years ago that resonates justly this morning. I predicted that The Patriots would win the Super Bowl – and I was wrong. There is no denying that; I won’t run away from my oversight of the New York Football Giants. Although, to be fair, I did say that I would not be shocked if the G-Men pulled out a victory. I didn’t think it would be a blowout and I figured that if the G-Men hung around long enough, they would have a shot at winning the game – but I just didn’t think they would.

This game played out a lot like most of the Patriots’ games in the last half of the season. The Patriots would let the opponent hang around just long enough to steal the game away in the 4th quarter – and that looked like the case again last night, but She-lijah Manning and the G-Men had other plans. I knew that when the Patriots scored with under 3 minutes to go in the 4th quarter last night, they had left too much time on the clock. They really hadn’t been able to stop the Giants offense the entire night – they controlled them, but couldn’t stop them. To be honest, the Giants deserved to win that game last night – they flat out outplayed the Patriots.

I give major props to Eli Manning for proving to the world that he has turned the corner and that he was not a liability to this football team – he was an invaluable asset that outplayed every single QB he faced off against in these NFL Playoffs (Jeff Garcia, Tony Romo, Brett Favre, and even Tommy B). I mean, did you see that escape from the rush late in the 4th when he should have been sacked? Not only did he escape, but he scrambled around enough to air it out to David Tyree who made the greatest catch in the history of the New York Football Giants. When he made the catch, I knew that the G-Men were going to score. It was a matter of inevitability at that point.

I was rooting for the Patriots – I wanted to see history. Now, I may never again in my lifetime experience an undefeated season – I mean, look at how good these Patriots were – and even they couldn’t make it through the whole season without a blemish on their record. Either way, I feel that last night was a little bit of a lose-lose situation for the rest of America outside of the New York or Boston area. Regardless of last night’s outcome, either obnoxious New York fans or obnoxious Boston fans were going to prevail – and that ain’t never pretty for the rest of us fans. But, I’ll give respect where respect is due – congratulations to the G-Men for pulling off one of the greatest upsets in NFL history (and maybe the greatest of my lifetime). What’s important about this game isn’t that the Patriots LOST this game, it’s that the Giants WON this game. The Giants can rest assured knowing that they weren’t handed a damn thing in this Super Bowl; they went out and snatched away history from the Patriots. They earned the victory – outright without debate.

It just felt odd seeing the Patriots NOT win. I don’t think it’s really settled in just yet. I mean, we all thought that the Patriots and Tommy Brady were invincible – especially on the grandest of all stages. No worries though Boston fans, the Patriots will be back next year. They have the 7th pick in the draft and they will retool that defense. If you thought the Patriots were angry and pissed off after last year’s loss to the Colts and after Spygate this year, just wait ’til next year. They will be EXTREMELY motivated and anxious to avenge this year’s painful loss.

What a season…and what a way to end it…

Tommy B and The Patriots VS Eli and the G-Men

Tommy B and The Patriots VS Eli and the G-Men

So, I haven’t really written a sports-related post in a very long minute – so, you know damn well that I had to post something on the possibly historic Super Bowl taking place this coming Sunday. Can the Patriots (the NFL’s equivalent of the Evil Empire this year) possibly cap off a perfect season with their 4th Super Bowl victory in 7 years? Can Tommy B possibly do it again and hoist his 4th Super Bowl trophy at the age of 30? Or, on the flip side, can the New York Football Giants possibly pull off a historic upset? Can they possibly rain on the Patriots perfect parade? Has Eli really turned the corner, or has he just been playing with house money and his luck is soon to run out?

I’m going to go out on an entirely obvious and popular limb and predict that the Patriots pursuit of perfection will be successful after this Sunday. I mean, they have persevered through so many close games in the last half of this season – and they found a way to win each one. People talk a lot about how the Giants have won 10 straight on the road and that they are 10-1 this year on the road – but the Patriots are UNDEFEATED on the road this year. Let’s not forget that.

I am hoping that the game is as close and exciting as it was in Week 17. I do not think that the Patriots will cover the point spread (-14) – I think the game will be close. I think that both teams will play mistake-free football and there will be a lot of points and touchdowns scored. Both defenses are soft in the middle and have allowed a lot of big plays and a lot of passing yards throughout the season – and I don’t think that will change Sunday. I just have a feeling that Randy Moss will have a big game – he hasn’t done diddly squat the entire playoffs, so I think he’s ready for the biggest spotlight in all of American sports. And please don’t snooze on Wes “Roast Beef” Welker – he is the unequivocal truth. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see him hoisting the Super Bowl MVP trophy. It seems like teams can stop Randy Moss, but they can’t stop Wes Welker. He is a BEAST! He is arguably the most dangerous receiver coming off of a screen pass in the league.

I think that Eli and Tommy B will play well – but in the end, I feel that the Patriots are just a little bit tougher than the Giants are and they know how to win close games just a little better. Plus, I cannot see a scenario in which the Patriots do not finish off what they started in Week 1. They have been so focused and determined this entire season – I do not see a situation in which they will lose focus. Giving a coach of Bill Bellichik’s football intellect and genius one week to gameplan is enough, but two weeks? Please. New England will be ready.

I’m not a fan of the Patriots, but I’ve always liked them and even admired them. Plus, anyone that knows me knows that I’m not too fond of New York sport franchises, so how could I possibly root for the G-Men? I cannot, in good faith and southern conviction, support She-lijah Manning and Plexiglass . And besides, I want to see history made. I want to be able to say that I was witness to a season of perfection and arguably the greatest team ever in the history of the NFL. I guess I’m a sucker for history. I’m just glad that I will get to watch the Super Bowl in the A with my friends and folks (as opposed to Chester) . My roommate and I are having a little Super Bowl shindig at the crib this year, so that should be a lot of fun. I’m telling you, ain’t nothing better than getting together with your boys and watching sports – ain’t nothing better. Discussion about sports is just like politics – everybody thinks they know everything, but really, don’t nobody know nothing…….but it sure as hell is fun.

Super Bowl Sunday?

Super Bowl Sunday?

The Son of Sam just asked me if the Super Bowl is on a Sunday…you gotta be kidding me….how can you call yourself a man and NOT know what day the Super Bowl is on? His man card must be revoked…

Lebron James – Highly Inflammable

Lebron James – Highly Inflammable

What is that smell, that burnt, smoky stench that I smell coming out of Detroit?? That, my friends, is Lebron James – who is still fuming and smoldering out of each pore on his body. The city of Detroit got their 4th of July fireworks a tad early this year. I am still in shock, still in disbelief at how Lebron James absolutely manhandled the Pistons and absolutely willed his team to a 3-2 series lead. Lebron, like Ricky Ricardo on I Love Lucy used to say, “you got some ‘splainin to do!”. I mean, I knew Lebron had it in him to have this kind of game, but I didn’t think it would be now and against his Eastern Conference nemesis Pistons. He isn’t even a jump shooter and everything he threw at the basket went nylon. I think Lebron just had his moment – that moment of clarity in the most insane of circumstances. Lebron finally had his signature game – the game where years down the road people will realize that that was the moment he became great, the moment where he transcended hype, reality, and pressure to build the foundation to a hall of fame career. He has officially arrived, because as we all know, don’t nothing mean nothing till you do it in the playoffs.

Kobe Hatin’

Kobe Hatin’

Here is something I wrote last year (around the time of the playoff series between the Lakers and the Suns) – the recent article written by Jemele Hill of echoed some of the same sentiments I expressed in this article…

Don’t be misled by the title, this isn’t another one of those articles blasting Kobe, bashing him like a yellow and purple pinata filled with smug arrogance. No, this article is me calling out every single Kobe hater that exists in the realm of this universe. Kobe has rarely ever lashed out at the media or fans that have turned on him or those that have never even attempted to respect what he has done in the league and for the league. On the basketball court, he has no equal. There is NO ONE else that possesses what Kobe does: the heart of a killer and the soul of an assassin. He is out to murder those in his way, a homicidal basketball prodigy who will administer a painful death to those that stand between him and the basket. He is the great white shark of the NBA. When Kobe smells blood, you can already hear the Jaws music in the background and you know that no matter how fast you swim, he will get you. You can sense he will do something that will take your breath away every time he touches the ball, and there are only a handful of players right now in the NBA that are even in the vicinity of Kobe in terms of the potential they have each time they touch the ball. There is no one else that anyone in their sane mind would rather have taking the last shot right now in the league other than Kobe. Yeah, I know, I’ve seen the stats of how Carmelo has the best game winning field goal percentage over the last few years, but cmon? You know that no matter how much you despise Kobe, you wouldn’t have anyone else but him take that last shot, unless of course, he’s taking it against your team.

The only two athletes that come to mind in terms of the scrutiny and criticism that they face are Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees and Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants. They are the only oher professional athletes that I can think of that are comparable in terms of hate directed towards them. A-Rod is the best player in professional baseball, but there are still those that doubt his ability and discredit his accomplishments. Kobe by no means is perfect, and he isn’t spared from my own criticisms of him. Yes, he can be selfish at times and lull his own team to sleep. The single most thing that has helped him succeed has at times caused him to fail: his competitiveness. He wants to win so much more than anyone else on the court, that he can at times become enamored with his own personal ambitions. But let me reiterate, he is the best player in the NBA, and only LeBron James can keep that from being a runaway argument. The Kobe Hatin’ swelled to an ultimate crescendo last year after the Lakers failed to make the playoffs. The hatin has quelled down this season, but it is still evident and prevalent around the country. Why is there so much hatred pinpointed at Kobe? I can admit that he hasn’t made the best decisions in his life, starting with the infidelity and then the entire episode with Shaq. Another absurd argument is that he isn’t street enough, doesn’t have the hood’ in him. Since when did a player have to be from the streets or have street cred for a fan to appreciate his spectacular talents? Has Kobe ever feigned anything to anyone? Is he being somebody he is not by wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and ice around his neck? Is everything about him a facade? Nope. He is exactly who he is and has always been. There are all these so-called experts, these renowned journalists who claim that Kobe is not street enough, but what do they know about the streets? The streets talk and there is definitely a lack of respect for Kobe, but even the streets can’t deny his talent, and neither should anyone. People seem to forget how cocky and arrogant Michael Jordan was as a player on the court and as an individual off the court. Jordan was a known womanizer and a horrid gambler, but he never received the criticism he probably deserved for the things he did and the way he was. He was immune to the criticism, maybe because the love and respect for him drowned out anything negative about him.

Michael had that same competitive demeanor about him, he wanted to rip the soul out of his opponent and feed it back to him. Kobe is just being Kobe, the same Kobe that everybody loves and everybody hates. He has remained who he has always been. People forget that Kobe was one of the more charismatic and adored players when he came into the league. People loved the fact that there was this young, black man who came into the league without any sort of thug identity or appearance and that he spoke well and was cultured. Then after the 3rd Lakers championship, Kobe’s reputation fell apart suddenly and irreparably. People forgot why they liked Kobe and focused more on the outrage and anger they felt for another athlete that let them down. They channeled that disappointment into their newfound hate and disrespect for Kobe. The media has also has to share some blame for the way Kobe has been vilified. The sports media is filled with people who overlook their own shortcomings, fallacies, and insecurities and incinerate those that have any fallacies at all. They seem to put every athlete under a microscope and seem to blast every other athlete about the way they live their life and the decisions they make, even when they don’t have their own lives together, when they themselves have made worse decisions than those that they criticize.

Kobe has stepped up even more this year, posting a career high in scoring and having his best all around year yet in his career. And now he has his team on the verge of defeating the favored Phoenix Suns in the first round of the playoffs. His competitive tenacity and his ability to play within the system and distribute opportunities to his teammates has given his team the advantage in the series. Game 4 of the series was vintage Kobe. He snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. Did you see that game? He made two improbable shots look EXPECTED. Was there a doubt in anyone’s mind that he wasn’t going to make that driving layup at the end of regulation? He made it look so easy, and then in overtime, everyone EXPECTED him to make that shot. It was as if the entire Staples Center was just waiting in anticipation until the ball dropped through the net to celebrate. They were like a woman who is witnessing her boyfriend getting down to one knee. They know exactly what is coming and they are just waiting until he whispers the words they have longed to hear. They are just waiting to go through the formalities of the process and once their boyfriend has proposed, they erupt in excitement and chaos. The crowd at the Staples Center knew exactly what they were about to witness. They are familiar with Kobe’s ability to drive the stake into the opponent’s heart. When you EXPECT a player to do great things and are disappointed otherwise, then you know that player is special. Kobe is the Jack Bauer of the NBA (even more so with the “24” number change next year). He frustrates the hell out of everyone, from his own team to his opponents, but no one can deny and argue with the results, regardless of the means in which he went about getting them. And don’t forget, Jack Bauer works in Los Angeles, just like Kobe. They both have the mind of a killer and the skills of a trained assassin, and both of their teams (CTU in Bauer’s case and the Lakers in Kobe’s case) benefit from it. Who would you have rather than Jack Bauer interrogating a known terrorist? Who would you have rather than Kobe taking the last shot or entrusting your playoff life to? There is no particular reason for anyone to respect Kobe the person, but respect Kobe the player and give the man his due props and the necessary recognition, and please, keep the Kobe Hatin’ to a minimum.

The Return of the Yankee Hater

The Return of the Yankee Hater

As winter slowly fades from our memories and spring begins to bloom, I (the preeminent,
biased, loathing Yankees Hater) have returned. I am NOT here to be apologetic or optimistic about the Yankees chances of winning their 27th World Championship; instead I am here to do what I have always done and what I do best: hate. My heart, my mind, and my soul are intertwined in one sole purpose: to anticipate the annual demise of the Yankees and to antagonize every single fan the Yankees have – especially my cousin who is a die-hard Yankees fan – or in other words…a loser. I am back with cold-blooded, ruthless vengeance. I am fixated on the annihilation of the smug remarks and looks that Yankees fans give other fans every single year. There will be NO JOY in Mudville this October in New York. Come October, the Bronx will be as quiet as a dorm room of an Indian student at IIT. I am salivating at the disappointment of a team that will take the field this year for the Yankees. I mean, c’mon Steinbrenner, the New York fans have had enough misery with their Knickerbockers – just sell the team and move them to the garbage dump that is Jersey City. Let them toil there in their own decay and erosion. Please let October come, please!! Do I really have to wait 7 months to witness the Yankees demise?? Can we just fast-forward to that bittersweet feeling I will have come October when the Yankees are NOT in the World Series??? It’s similar to how when people have sex, especially guys, people want to forgo the actual love-making part of the love-making and get to the euphoria they will feel once achieving climax. Do we really have to play the entire season to validate what I know??? I cannot be stopped at the 1-yard line, will not be stopped from taking it to the hole, will not miss the putt, will not have my free-kick blocked, will not be tagged out at home. I will not be denied the ecstasy of knowing that my hate has been vindicated and justified. The Bronx Bombers will go down like A-Rod’s Q rating in New York. The Yanks will fall like an inebriated drunk at 4 in the morning.

How can one of your star players, your most highly paid player be so sniveling, insecure, and sensitive??? He needs a hug, someone please hug that man. Chien-Ming Wang is due for a letdown – he had a great year last year, but my money is on the fact that he will have a letdown year. If he can put together back-to-back good seasons, I will then be on that wagon. Rivera is 1-year older and I highly doubt that Jeter can put together another MVP-worthy season again.

Johnny Damon came out with the remarks that “we are the best”, but he was quick to point out that they will have to prove it on the field. The best??? With a suspect pitching staff and unproven, overpriced players, how can he say that they are the best??? I think that Andy Petitte was probably a good signing, but how much do they possibly expect him to contribute, he has been hurt for parts of the last two seasons. I think New Yorkers are hanging on to the images of the old Andy Petitte from years ago, from the championship years. The offense will surely be explosive, but will be inoculated and tranquilized in the post season, just like the past 6 seasons. They are playing in a division with an improved Red Sox team and and rising Blue Jays team. I think that the Yanks will make the playoffs, but as my cousin constantly reminds me, “we don’t play for the playoffs – we play for world titles”. So by that line of thinking, anything sort of raising the championship trophy should be deemed a cataclysmic disaster, correct?? So, they will once again fall short of the championship and I will be once again seen rejoicing with the masses of Yankee haters across the globe when that final out in the division series is made and the Yankees are sent home packing again.

The Yankee hater is as vociferous and vigorous as ever. It feels great to hate.