Statute of Dopeness

Statute of Dopeness

Truth be told, I can’t even recall how long it’s been since I’ve last felt the literary gumption to note down anything of inconsequential substance. In all honesty, things done changed quite a bit in my life since I’ve last posted. Unbelievable as it may sound, someone outside of their sane mind actually decided to suffer the unfortunate fate of spending the rest of their life with me. I know…I know…like you, I shudder in sympathy for my significantly better half. I mean, let’s keeps it real…George Clooney…I ain’t. So, needless to say, ish been a bit crazy over the past 6-8 months with the sandstorm of wedding activity that was swirling around in the stratosphere of my life. I spent many an hour many a night diddling around with the most miniscule of wedding details. So, there wasn’t really nary a minute for me to devote to blogging down any thoughts. Believe you me, I wanted to throw down some thoughts from my wedding weekend lunacy, but just couldn’t find the time nor motivation to get around to sharing my thoughts with my devoted quartet of readers.

Anyways, things have settled down somewhat now. I’ve been married (wow, still sounds a little foreign saying that) for over two months now. The Honeymoon (Thailand – Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Bangkok) exceeded any statute of dopeness I could’ve drafted prior to departure.

The country was as beautiful as I had expected and the locals exceedingly warm and kind. The food, on the other hand, I found slightly disappointing. This is likely because I speak from a vegetarian’s perspective. It is hard finding food in Thailand that doesn’t incorporate fish sauce or shrimp paste in their cooking. Don’t doodle me in complete disapproval though; I thought the food was good – it’s just that it didn’t live up to the lofty hype generated by friends of mine that had previously visited there. I’m sure if you’re a carnivore of sorts, you’ll be blown away by the taste and quality of food. Well, that and the crisp crunch of battered and deep-fried insects.

Anyways, that be the honeymoon in a terse and concatenated literary nutshell. I could spend post upon post and page upon page regurgitating verb after noun after adjective posting a soliloquy on our honeymoon – but i’ll spare you the monotony of the fine print.
Anyways…here I am, two months distant from a wedding ceremony that still feels surreal. A lot of that probably has to do with the fact that I’ve probably been home in Atlanta a grand total of 2 weeks since then, but…still. The travel schedule for work has definitley picked up over the course of the past few months. We’ve gotten into the routine of a 10-days-on/4-days-off travel schedule. I spend 10 days in Buffalo and then return home to The A for 4 days. Rinse, lather, repeat.

In regards to the wedding, the love that was shown to myself and my wife throughout our wedding weekend by everyone left me speechless. I mean, relatively speaking, everything turned out as well as we could have hoped. Yeah, we did have some hiccups along the way (I’ll refrain from digressing into the mad beef we gots with our original cupcake vendor AND initial photographer), but overall, we could not have asked for anything more – and honestly, we would’ve been perfectly content with less. From my perspective, I had a team of 4-5 people that played invaluable roles on my side. Without their help, I cringe at the thought of how things could have gone. My family showed up big – and so did my groomsmen. My sis even choreographed a flash mob at my wedding (if you experience any issues viewing it, I’d suggest viewing the vid in full-screen mode).  Clearly, I’m biased…but…that ish was dope – and completely caught my wife and I off guard. And the crazy thing is? Most of these cats that were flash mobbin’ actually exhibited a decent grasp of the choreography. My groomsmen were about as synchronous as you could expect halfway-inebriated groomsmen to be – which…is actually a compliment. Mad respect to my sis and everyone else involved for somehow finding the time to implement something as unique and riveting as an impromptu dance.   I know that every other wedding nowadays has one of these poppin’ off…but…that don’t make me but a hill of beans. It was our wedding and it was a special moment we’ll never forget.  All of the speeches were eloquent and unique. Plus, they were all the perfect mixture of funny and sincere – without precipitously scuttling into the territory of mush and fluff. I can’t wait to watch the wedding DVD and relive those memories that appear so distant now.

I’ll likely upload pictures to this site (under the “Photos” page) when I receive the full portfolio of edited images.  However, if you really ain’t got clip better to do, than you can view our wedding trailer here (the same link is referenced above as well).

2 thoughts on “Statute of Dopeness

  1. “…you’ll be blown away by the taste and quality of food.” I assume that this isn’t an exhaustive list.

    Damn, it’s been two months already? You’ll be celebrating your 5 year anniversary in no time. Probably in Buffalo, at the rate your going. You should register to vote there.

    You know that it’s been a while since you last posted something when I think my Google Reader is acting up when it listed a new entry under Let It Marinate.

    4 weeks until your next post. Taking the over.

  2. Definitely the under, my man. Yeah, man. I’ve been away for an extended minute. We gotta get together one of these weekend and re-live the glory days of debauchery.

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