Smoochin’ the Lips of Mediocrity

Smoochin’ the Lips of Mediocrity

Smoochin’ the lips of mediocrity, in my composition book, should be received with an ear deafening crescendo of applause.  I went 2-2 in my NFL Divisional Playoff picks.  Unfortunately, as I alluded to in my last post, I feared that picking the Falcons to win would foreshadow a Packers upset.  An infallible prognosticator I certainly am not.  Heartbreaking as that loss was, consolation was warmly received in a Jets upset of the New England Patties.  As I explained in brief detail previously, Boston fans…are…well…just downright indecent.  A few friends of mine are hardcore Boston fans.  They’re alarmingly infatuated with all things Boston sports.  Anyhoot, rather than diluting their tears in an unsavory mound of humble pie, they’ve taken the defensive route of teetering on the seesaw of denial.  I understand the recent hatred between the New York Jets and the Patriots…but…c’mon, Boston fans.  Man up and hand the victor a few spoils.  I know I have nothing but respect for the Packers after the way they manhandled the Falcons at home.  I accepted our ass-whooping with at least a marginal semblance of dignity.  I was wrong about the Falcons and Packers.  The Packers proved that they were the better team last Saturday in the Dome.  They have the superior QB and defense.

I can understand the Patties’ fanbase’s frustration…but…don’t play the role of agitated and ignant loser.  That repugnant resemblance of your reputation to that of the New York fan base is well warranted now.  In short, Boston can see these.  Like I said, Tommy B isn’t invincible…and hasn’t been in years.  Patriots’ fans need to realize this and at least attempt to entertain the notion of being rational.

I won’t lie to you…I reviled in the Jets’ victory.  ESPECIALLY this post-game interview by Bart Scott.  That has to be one of the more entertaining interviews I’ve seen in a while.  It isn’t exactly on the level of Ron Artest’s Post-Game 7 press conference (“Kobe passed me the ball!!!”), but it definitely deserves considerable merit.  Sal Paolantonio of ESPN has that “this motherlover must be crazy!” look on his face.  He looks absolutely petrified of Bart Scott.  These Jets are elite assholes.  Incomparably elite.  What other team can you recall in recent memory that flat-out faced an archrival so significantly after verbally lambasting its opponent so relentlessly the week prior?  I’ve never seen a team cash a check that their mouths wrote as convincingly as the Jets did yesterday.  The folks that jutted their vocal chords the most during the week , Head Coach Rex Ryan and Defensive Back Antonio Cromartie, unfailingly backed up every syllable of their smack talk.  Rex Ryan outcoached Bill Bellichick and Alcrotraz Cromartie had a huge game (on defense and on special teams).  I can’t really discern how much the Jets have left in the tank for next week’s showdown against the Steelers.  It appeared as though the win over the Patriots was their Super Bowl (especially by the way they celebrated on the field afterward with cartwheels and backflips).  I like Big Ben in any big game…but I’ll get to my picks later in the week.

In the Steelers-Ravens matchup, Big Ben did what Big Ben always seems to do when in the playoffs:  make gigantic plays in enormous moments.  That 3rd-and-19 pass he threw to rookie Antonio Brown was ridiculous – and took meteor sized stones to throw.  He could possibly win his 3rd Super Bowl this year.  Crazy, huh?  I know this may sound borderline blasphemous…but…I’m inclined to take Roethlisberger over any other QB in the last 2 minutes of a playoff game.  Even over Tommy Boy Brady.  Laugh if you will, but if you look back over the past 4 or 5 postseason games for both Tommy B and Big Ben, you’ll find that Roethlisberger played bigger in larger moments.  Just saying.

Steelers’ fans…beware.  Impending doom may await Big Ben.   Now that I’ve praised him, I’m sure he’ll gak it up next Sunday by flinging 3 red zone picks against the Jets.  I wouldn’t be surprised in the least – my forecastin’ skills have led to greater demises.

One thought on “Smoochin’ the Lips of Mediocrity

  1. i feel you on big ben on being clutch, but you have to give aaron rogers some credit. he has played great these last couple of weeks even when the odds were against him. the packers barely made it in to the playoffs with those clutch wins at the end of the season, it was win or go home for the pack during the regular season.

    my only knock on big ben is that he has always been blessed with a great defense around him, there have been so many games where he would put up less then 12 offense pts in a game and still win. must be nice to have that security. also big fan of your blog.

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