I’m on That Madeleine Peyroux Ish

I’m on That Madeleine Peyroux Ish

Panera, as previously written, has become my preeminent hotspot of incremental progress.  As I wrote before, home is where complacency festers more fervently than the stench of inedible fruit in the fridge.  So, I get out of the home to draw some sort of inspiration or at least to feel some sort of satisfaction that I haven’t sat fermenting on the sofa all day.  Not exactly mankind leaps…I know…but…hey…baby steps done gonna have to suffice in the meantime.

Sad news was brought to me unexpectedly a few weeks ago.  My barber, the Portugese wunderlady, had lost her job due to her barbershop being shut down permanently.  I told her before to contact me in case she ever left that particular barbershop that I frequented in Lawrenceville.  So…once she got wind of the news that she was out of work, she gave me a call and informed me of the unexpected news.  She also assured me that she’d call me again once she landed another haircuttin’ gig at another joint.  A week later, as she had promised, she called me back and informed me that she did indeed find a new job at another location.  However…2 caveats slammed me like an unblocked, outside linebacker.  The first caveat was that her new job was further away than the previous one…and…the second one…was that the price of a haircut at her new place was almost double that of the previous joint.  That…unfortunately…is…a deal breaker.  The funny thing is, I never valued a haircut until I met my current barber.  I just went wherever I had a coupon at…with inconsistent results.  However, after getting my haircut for the first time a few years ago with this barber, I was so impressed by the results that I vowed to myself to stay committed to one barber.  In the beginning, the distance wasn’t too bad because I was slummin’ with the folks in L’Ville.  However, over the past few years, since I’ve migrated over to the Chamblee area, it’s been a bit more difficult to go there…but…not impossible.  I finally realize the value of having a barber you can trust to deliver consistent and satisfying results.  It never mattered then…but matters inexplicably now.  Plus, she was a cool cat.  She pretty much cut my entire family’s hair and knew everything that was going on in our lives.  It’s a connection I never thought I’d forge with a barber. So…unfortunately…as with all good things…it has seemingly come to an end.  Inevitable…probably…but…still…unfortunate.  All hope is not lost, however.  I’ll begin the search for a new barber sometime this week.

I’ve given the new Kanye West album (“My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”) a few spins recently and have come away unimpressed. Don’t scribble me wrong now…it’s a good album with a few solid hits.  However, the hype I heard was that this album was comparable to his first two.  I half-heartedly disagree.  I’ll definitely say it’s an upgrade from that 808 and Headache gahbage he released previously.  That album was like Jordan’s stint with the White Sox…better to be forgotten than remembered.  The album is solid…but, in my opinion, not worthy of any lofty accolades.  Then again, I’m on that Madeleine Peyroux ish now, so maybe my opinion’s lacking relevant musical substance.  Maybe the fact that I’m currently downloading the Love and Basketball soundtrack is testament to the fact that I’m just kickin’ it too damn old school to understand what’s broiling in these streets nowadays.  I will jam to R&B ’til the death of me and subsequent reincarnation.  Taking midnight jogs in the chilly, winter weather while jamming away to V103’s “The Quiet Storm” are still some of the fonder memories I have.  Most people need upbeat music to fuel their adrenaline while working out.  Not me.  I used to jam out to Teddy Pendergrass and Boyz II Men every night when I would go jogging outside.  In college, I used to play this PC game called Max Payne.  It’s essentially a 1 player, shooter game where you are on a mission to avenge the death of your wife.  Lots of shoot ’em up blood and gore type stuff.  It was a pretty badass game.  Once, a friend of mine came into my dorm room and saw that I was playing Max Payne…and jamming to Aaliyah in the background (I had muted the sound from the game).  They never let me hear the end of that.  Did I give a flip?  Naw playa…not one iota.

Some of Kanye’s lyrics definitely tug at the earlobes…but…it just isn’t one of those albums that you can listen to all the way through without skipping forward here and there (as his first couple of albums were).  It ain’t nary an ounce my fault he set the standard so high with his first few albums.

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  1. lol “That album was like Jordan’s stint with the White Sox…better to be forgotten than remembered. ” man that was cold, but so true. again another great entry for your blog. Also i finally know what you mean by Lville. i also thought you meant Louisville kentucky.

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