The Phone that Drove me to the Brink of Infidelity

The Phone that Drove me to the Brink of Infidelity

I’ve learned that I’m infinitely more productive outside the confines of my cozy crib.  Maybe this explains why everybody and their 3rd cousin’s coffeeshop is jam packed with degenerate java geeks all the time.  A word to the wise, steer away from any and all Starbucks.  I remember driving around one day a few weeks back looking for a sweet spot to study at for the PE exam I took last month – only to come up grasping the acrid aroma of disappointment.  I could not, for the love of Mr. Goodbar, find a spot to sit at any Starbucks I went to (and I probably went to 3 or 4 different locations close to my crib).  There used to be a local Chamblee coffeeshop by my crib that was within walking distance, but when I went to visit it for the first time a month ago, it had closed down.  I love the ‘hood I live in, but they desperately need more local joints.  I’m not the biggest fan of going to loud and crowded coffeshops; I much prefer a quieter ambiance.  I’ve taken a liking to Panera recently.  However, even Panera Bread restaurants can be cesspools of ambient noise.  For now, I’ll stick with Panera until I can find a close-by local joint that’ll suffice.  You know me, loyalty is about as valued a concept to me as paying for porn.  Brazzers, you will get yours one day.  I get in wherever the flip I can fit in.

By the way…if the word hasn’t sauntered towards your ear drums yet…I feel it is my sincere obligation to inform you good people of a recent change I’ve made in my life. Admittedly, I was a happily married man for the past 2 years.  I never once doubted the commitment I made with Apple 2 years ago.  The innumerable highs electrically slid over the scarce lows.  I can truly look back at my first wireless love in appreciation and reverent retrospect.  However, I pulled the cellular okie doke.  The wireless no-look hook.  I took my talents over to Sprint.  They have the best wireless plans amongst any carrier – especially for smartphone owners.  $70 for everything?  Nights and weekends at 7pm, unlimited data, unlimited messaging, turn-by-turn navigation, and unlimited calls to any mobile phones on any network?  Chicka chicka yeah!  And…to top it off…buddy from the Sprint store I went to hooked me up with an additional discount (which will be recurring monthly).  Even without the discount, it was a no brainer.  With the discount?  It was a slap-me-silly obvious decision.

The phone that drove me to the brink of infidelity was the HTC EVO.  At least I retained a shred of self-respect by divorcing the iPhone and then hopping over to Sprint.  My buddy The Hamster broke the vows of his wireless marriage by jumping ship to Sprint before his contract ended.  That was cold blooded.  To leave your Old Lady out in the cold like that?  Without warning?  Without even the decency to honor the contract that was initially signed?   I shake my head in disgust at the lack of morality in the Somalian youth these days.  They somehow believe they have the right to fondle any cell phone they so please at any given time.  However…if it wasn’t for The Hamster’s despicable forays…I probably wouldn’t have made the switch either.  His disgust for AT&T had grown with each passing month.  A few months back, his having to spend hour after hour on phone with tech support to fix a voicemail issue proved to be the ultimate breaking point for him.  He had strongly proclaimed months prior to the switch that he was definitely going to abandon the iPhone and AT&T – so the move really didn’t surprise any of us.  That he was fed up enough to pay the $50 or so fee to terminate his contract early, that was a little surprising.  Anyways, the research he had done on Sprint and the EVO prior to the switch inspired me enough to do my own digging.  I had kept my eye on the EVO for quite some time.  Ever since it had come out, it was probably the first phone that actually put a dent in iPhone sales.  The dent was probably minimal and more a flesh wound than a puncture…but…nonetheless, the EVO offered a viable option to those that had grown disinterested by AT&T’s network and/or weary of the iPhone.  Is this EVO an iPhone killer? Umm…no.  Folks that want the iPhone will want the iPhone…regardless – especially folks who’ve never owned one.  It brings to mind this hilarious YouTube clip I came across when I was digging up dirt on the iPhone vs EVO debate.  “It fucking prints money…”.

So…after The Hamster pulled the trigger and completed the switchover, he informed me of the discount he received and told me that I could get the same exact deal as him.  So…I made it do what I always do.  I okie doked.  Literally the day after my 2 year contract with AT&T ended, I went over to the Sprint store and did the damn thing.

Now, the real reason behind the switch was that I felt confident enough in the EVO to know that I really wouldn’t miss my iPhone.  Now, to be fair, I had an iPhone 3G – so the comparison between the two is an unfair one due to the advanced hardware that the EVO offers.  I’m sure the comparison between an iPhone 4 and and EVO would be a more legitimate one, but I had a 3G and I knew that any smartphone upgrade would be welcome.  Moreover, I was growing tired of Apple and it’s anarchic ways.  Apple has this way of manipulating its fan base with its sexy appeal and user friendly interfaces while restricting the most basic of functionality and features.  It seems like centuries ago…but…notifications, copy/pasting functionality, landscape platform functionality, and MMS support was added on the 3.0 iteration of the OS.  3.0!  However, this is what Apple does.  Do not get me wrong, the iPhone is a behemoth beast the size of mythical legends like the Loch Ness monster.  Believe you me, if you get an iPhone for the first time, you will love it.  I felt the exact same way.  Even to this day, if I had to go back to an iPhone, there would be little remorse and even less regret.  However, I had the iPhone for 2 years and just felt the need for a change.  I wanted to check out the promising Android OS and see what all the fuss was about.  After 2 months of use, I can say without worry that I am satisfied with my decision.  I’ll publish a more detailed analysis later.  I’ll dig into the nitty, gritty details then.

I HEART me some Firefox.  I’m transferring files to my website via the FireFTP extension while I’m blogging away and listening to lastFM using the FireFM extension – all within one open window of Firefox (with a few tabs open).  All this is being done on my ASUS UL20A laptop.  The same laptop that still has an hour of battery life left after I’ve already used it for 2 1/2 hours.  I’m so glad I never pulled the trigger on getting a MacBook.  I got everything I needed in a laptop for half the price of a MacBook.  Great success!  I even ordered another 2GB stick of RAM to upgrade this bad boy.

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