Do NOT Friggin’ Dare Dismiss The Peppered Cashews

Do NOT Friggin’ Dare Dismiss The Peppered Cashews

Absent of reason nor cognizant of rhyme, I blog again.  Purpose?   Do I ever really have one?  My thoughts are an independent contractor freelancin’ for mere flips and wiggles.

Ademas…months…nearly years ago…I pined for the alleged luster and shine of the unemployed life.  I often wondered then if indeed the grass was truly “greener on the other side”.  Well…after nearly a month of unemployment…I can say that…it’s the unequivocal shizz.  Have I faced my episodes of monotony over the course of the past month? Without doubt (last weekend comes to mind).  However…if there’s anything that’s been reaffirmed in my mind over the past few weeks, it’s that it truly does take quite a bit for me to become bored.  I tend to be able to entertain myself well enough within the boundaries of my imagination.  How much sports and poindexter techie gadget content can a man truly endure?  Apparently, like the amount of Mild Sauce I request at a Taco Bell Drive Thru…a whole lotta.  I can stay on my internet grind for an incendiary minute.  Hopefully, I can parlay that into a few more blog posts here and there.  However, hung jury’s still out on that incredulous aspiration.  Although, one would think that I’d post incrementally more frequently now that I ain’t got flippity doo dah better to do…right?   One would think…

Although it took nearly a month, I’ve finally become slightly uninspired by my sedentary sleeping-in-late phase.  I’ve been massively unproductive over the course of the past month.  The biggest goal I’ve accomplished in the past month has been making up lost sleep for the past 2 years.  Belittle me at your own ignorance.  For those that’ve been sleep deprived by the grind of employment, you know damn well that you’re pop lockin’ in agreement with me.  I definitely needed it.  Those 70-80 hour work weeks are for the irrationally insane – which I guess I must’ve been to have put up with it for so long.   Adios…y…y vaya con dios to those days…at least for now.

Now begins the phase of extraneous exploration.   I’ve vowed to myself to ensure a modest night’s sleep every night from here on out.  What exactly have I planned to do each day?  Exactly what I’ve dreamt about the last few years…nothing.  It’s a great feeling being able to wake up early and know that there isn’t anywhere imminent to be nor is there anything pertinent to accomplish.   Are there areas of focus I want to pay prescribed attention to?  You betcha.  However, I have the time and freedom to ease off the pedal and steer onto whichever avenue I so choose on this sudden crossroad of life.  The unemployment honeymoon has ended.   I done had 3 weeks to repeatedly consummate that marriage.  It’s time to sail away to the island of inspiration and progress.   I have some ideas in mind already.  We’ll see how committed I can really be and how much focus I really have.  My patience will be tested.  I have no idea how I’ll respond to the adversity and uncertainty of the unknown.  Talkin’ the talk is easier than getting stiff armed by a dime piece at the club.

As if my sole aim is to contradict my own claims, I’m looking into buying a Playstation 3 to replace the outdated Playstation 2 I have.  Believe you me, I see the irony in me declaring an end to my sedentary life while simultaneously proclaiming my amibtions to get a PS3 for the low low.  How exactly can I be productive when I’m droppin’ the wood in Madden 11 on Condoleeza Rice’s underling in Abu Dhabi or anally raping the Eritrean hobo’s version of Craig David in the Stock?  I guaranFareed that recycled can of ass whooping.  I’ll somehow figure out a way to squeeze in some playtime somewhere.   I may lay off that hot fie Call of Duty:  Black Ops game though for a minute.  Word on the street is that that game is as addictive as peppered cashews (do NOT friggin’ dare dismiss the peppered cashews).

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