If I Stack my Pancakes Right

If I Stack my Pancakes Right

Am I the only friggin’ schmuck in the States that was disappointed by “The Hangover”? I mean, it had its moments (a grown ass man simulatin’ a baby playing pocket pool is priceless), but not enough of them to warrant a seat in first class next to legendary rib ticklers like “40 Year Old Virgin” and “Superbad”. A classic? I respectfully disagree. Maybe the wise, all-knowing Hamster was right: I am more affected by hype than others.

Transformers 2. Again…disappointed. It felt entirely too verbose, a bit too serious for its own good, and not even in the same zipcode of funny as the original. But, it wasn’t a bad movie – just not a great one. Although, the rest of the universe may disagree with me. It kachinged 60 million bucks on it’s opening day…on a Wednesday!. Un-believe-able. 60 mil in a day. The theater was absolutely slammed in College Station, TX. I waited nearly an hour to get into the theater (after having already purchased a ticket hours in advance) and was BARELY able to get a seat. Please believe though, I cranked my stag up in College Station and watched it solo for $4. I still cannot get over this. $4! By the way, what is even the point of having humans (like Tyrese) in the movie? They’re barely even in it and contribute squadoosh. The movie definitely had some “ooh” and “aah” action sequences, but even that had its restrictions. Scrap metal battlin’ isn’t exactly discernible to detail on the big screen. But, like I said, the flick had its moments, but not enough to leave me feelin’ satisifed or convinced that I’ve seen one of the better movies of the summer. The comedy felt a bit forced and, in my irrelevant opinion, fell flat. I think I may have become a movie Nazi; a cinema snob. I think I’ve set my cinematic standards entirely too high. Then again, I did enjoy educating myself on the “Cultural Learnings of America” – so maybe there is hope for me yet.

By the way, iPhone OS 3.0 is pretty dope. I’ve been using it for a week or so and am very impressed. Finally, after 2 years, Apple has completed its best effort to appease its rabid customer base. I am lovin’ the landscape feature they’ve added to their apps.

Do you like your information pushed in? Apple has also added the “Push Notifications” feature. Us members of the iCult have been gettin’ our Ric Flair on for the past 2 years; we’ve been down on our knees clasping our hands together begging for push notifications. And…we were rewarded. For those that are uninformed, push notifications essentially allow you to receive instantaneous alerts when any new information has been received in an app that has been closed out. For example, you could log into a chat app and click out of it and still receive notifications when folks IM or message you. This essentially allows your app to keep on keepin’ on in the background. I’ve been using a few apps with the push feature and initial results are good. I’ve just downloaded Beejive 3.0 (one of the most popular iPhone chat clients). The 3.0 version now supports push notifications. The reason I am so excited about push notifications is because this will almost entirely eliminate the need for SMS. Will you still need a text messaging plan? Probably. But, the bare bones SMS plan should work for you if you play your push cards right. Lord knows my Guju ways will never fade, so I’m all for whatever saves me money, regardless of the adjustments I have to make. At least I can swipe my forehead in relief knowing that I don’t have to upgrade from my $5 200 text messages plan.

There is even a text messaging application (Textfree Unlimted) that uses your email to send free text messages. This app also now features push notifications. How the hell the totalitarian nazi that is Apple (and to a greater extent AT&T) allowed this is light years beyond me.

How the hell did I get stuck with a Mazda rent-a-car that doesn’t have power windows nor power locks, but has steering wheel radio controls? They still produce cars without power windows and doors? Bootleg indeed. Even the auxiliary input didn’t work on this car. I should’ve went with the Dodge. It’s funny how quickly we adjust to commodities once considered luxuries.

I completed this entire post on an Airtran flight from Houston to Atlanta. Note to self: buy a box of Godiva milk chocolate cashews and a dozen roses for Lady Technology. If I stack my pancakes right, she might even put out. But that ain’t but a thang. If need be, I’ll go celibate for ol’ girl.

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  1. yeah, transformers was alright. i told you about that damn transforming shit. it hurts the scene more than it helps. it got to the point to where I didn’t know who was on which side. but what do we know. $60 million can’t be wrong, can it? 

    they need the token human actors to promote the film. optimus prime may be a bad ass robot, but he ain’t much of a guest on a talk show. but yeah, shia labeuf did most of the work.

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