While my cool cats twittered away the evening from the rooftop of lofts overlooking the A, I turned my stag on in College Station, TX. Jason’s Deli and Star Trek. It’s what I do.

So, Star Trek was definitely as dope as expected. But, that is an inexpensive, albeit savory, appetizer in comparison to the mouth-watering entree which I’m about to explain to you. I paid $4 FLAT for a 10pm movie ticket to a Saturday show. $4! How is this even possible? And this wasn’t some bootleg back-alley, haphazard joint either. This was a clean and decent movie theater in College Station, TX. FOUR FRIGGIN’ DOLLARS! Where the hell is their profit margin? I will definitely be returning to that theater another time or two before I permanently bid adieu to Texas. I’ve been months behind in keepin’ on keepin’ on with movies, so this seems to be a shimmering opportunity to play catch up with some of these recent cinematic releases. I’m still in euphoric disbelief. 4 dollars. I was tempted to fist tap and chest bump the ticket taker out of blissful exuberance.

Random thought. Frasier. Why the hell was this show so popular? I’m surprised that the high brow humor shtick stuck. Hey…stop shakin’ your head in unsympathetic disapproval. I know it’s 1am on a Saturday and I’m watching Frasier…but…I refuse to feel belittled by your negligent disparagement. I’m off tomorrow, so I’ve returned to my nocturnal ways – for at least one night. I can spend my day off doing either of three things: travel to Houston, travel to San Antonio, or sleep in late and relajar the entire day. I’m heavily inclined towards the latter. Vamos a ver. Although…the thought of sleeping in is whispering sweet nothings in my ear; conspicuosly moderating my nocturnal instincts.

I really want to pick the guitar back up and start playing it again. I think, this time, rather than me half-assedly (should be a word) teaching myself, I’m strongly considering paying for lessons. We’ll see. This very well could be another ambition of mine that I pursue with reckless abandon and undisciplined dedication. If any of you folks know any affordable guitar instructors that you can recommend, leave a comment on this page.

Stop the presses!!! Hold the expense report!!! Even though I’m paying $129/night (w/o taxes and fees) for a room at the Homehood Suites (bka Homewood Suites), they can’t/won’t/don’t offer complimentary toothpaste at the front desk. Rather, it is available for purchase downstairs. I never understood fancier hotels. Ever notice that the more expensive hotels scarcely have complimentary continental breakfast? How come the Econolodges of the world offer complimentary Honey Buns while the 5-Star Ritz Carltons charge $10+ for breakfast buffets? What…rich folks don’t have an affinity for all things free? Get-the-fugg-outta-here! It makes absolutely no sense. So…rather than overpaying for a miniature tube of paste, I’m going to peruse the hygienic aisles of Wally World and buy me a regular sized (and optimally affordable) tube. My Guju sensibilities will never diminish.

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