Pilfer Second Like the “Man of Steal”

Pilfer Second Like the “Man of Steal”

4:35 AM.  10:40 AM.  Went to sleep.  Woke up.

Am I a minority in only being able to sleep well on weekdays?  What is it about the work week that makes me want to call in sick every day so I can squeeze in a few more hours of sleep?  I was rubbing my hands together yesterday, salivating at the prospect of a full 8 hours of sleep.   I’ve been averaging a fistful of hours of shut-eye the past month or so, so last night was supposed to be my recuperative snoozefest. Clearly, that diabolical plan of mine didn’t exactly come to fruition. I just can’t seem to sleep in on weekends well.  Aw well…another therapeutic opportunity squandered.  No worries.  I elbowed sleep in the mouth years ago out of disrespect, so why should I humble myself and admit that I’m secretly yearning for it now?   Never.  “Sleep is the interruption of life.”   So, I begrudgingly trudge on, imperceptibly fatigued and weary.

Anyways, enough about my slumber trials and nocturnal tribulations.

Kobe vs. LeBron.   It’s THE ubiquitous and unavoidable argument that’s been taking place on every sports media outlet in this country over the past month of the NBA playoffs.  There seems to have been a recent massive shift towards the acceptance (promotion?) of LeBron “King” James as the league’s best player.   Many a pundit and prognosticator now feel that King James has grappled away the throne from Kobe “Jellybean” Bryant.  Do I believe that The King has surpassed The Black Mamba as the preeminent player in the league? Probably.  Statistics don’t lie – and LeBron James owns an advantage in nearly every one over Kobe.  Plus, LeBron james is UNQUESTIONABLY the better all-around player.  Even the argument that Kobe is the greater clutch performer is starting to diminish a little.  Has Kobe’s ruthlessness in the clutch faded?  No.  It’s just that LeBron’s ability to make big shots in the most important moments has so vastly accelerated in such a short time that you have to put him in the same conversation with Kobe as one of the game’s elite closers.   It wasn’t long ago when critics doubted LeBron’s ability to perform most exceptionally when stakes were the highest.  Somebody ought to scrub those scrutinizers’ mouths clean with a bar of antibiotic soap for uttering such blasphemy.  Anyone who’s been watching the playoffs this year should have enough common sense to see that.

Believe you me though, The Black Mamba will not be filing any resignation papers or submitting his two weeks notice anytime soon.  He will not let King James surreptitiously wrestle away his crown without putting up a fight.  A Coup de LeBron will have to take place.  LeBron will have to go to war, head-to-head, with Kobe to ascend to the throne he’s been destined to assume ever since he was labeled “The Chosen One” on the cover of Sports Illustrated.   If these playoffs have been any indication so far, Kobe is unwilling to step aside and allow LeBron’s ascension to being the league’s best player.  Fist tap and a head nod to Kobe for propelling his team to consecutive NBA Finals.   Is there a doubt in anyone’s mind about how excruciatingly intent Kobe is in winning a fourth championship?  He may not admit it, but he intensely wants to shed away the label that he “can’t win one without Shaq”.

It would be a damn shame if we didn’t get to see Kobe vs. LeBron in the Finals.  Let them two bloody each other up and settle the debate themselves.   Couldn’t you see these two bruising one another up MMA style until the other figuratively taps out?

Spike Lee might as well have re-shot and renamed his cinematic hoops joint to “LeBron Doin’ Work” – because that’s an understatement of exactly what LeBron’s going to have to do to meet Kobe in the Finals at this point.   If any singular player in the league is capable of strapping his team to his back to scale the seemingly insurmountable 3-1 mountain of the NBA playoffs, it is The King.   If the Cleveland LeBrons can somehow manage to win Game 6, is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that The Chosen One will unmercifully refrain from applying the heimlich to a choking Orlando?

From the digression, I digress.  So…someone legitimate has introduced themselves into my life.  Hence, the ensuing cakin’ that’s postmarked with shipment.   I’ve come to realize that cakin’ can be quite the timesuck. Would I have it any other way?  Those that know me know that I’m violently shaking my head “no”.  Cakin’. It’s…what…I…do.  So, balancing the time between travelin’ (for work mostly) and cakin’ hasn’t left a lot of time for the blogging of random thoughts and sporadic ruminations.   I haven’t exactly been spooning the wonderful nakedness of inspiration lately.  But…I’ll make the same half-assed, unfulfilled promise I’ve made over the past few months of being more dedicated to this site.

By the way, I’ve finally got around to joining Twitter.  I was hesitant at first, but when a cousin of mine who posses a clusterfuck of tech savvy joined, I knew it was my time.   I’ve only been a member of the Twitter cult…err…community for a few days, but my initial thoughts are rather positive.  I’m feelin’ this Twitter thing.  If the last few days (of my initial exposure to Twitter) have been a first date, I’m tonguing it down outside it’s door after having wined and dined it and walked it home.  Who knows…I might even cop a subtle feel and pilfer second like Ricky “The Man of Steal” Henderson.

At it’s core, Twitter is a relatively simple and straightforward concept.   For those that are uninformed (and anciently out of touch as me), Twitter is essentially a status update.  That’s it.  It’s you paraphrasing your current activities in less than 200 characters.  Others can choose to “follow” you – which is essentially them keeping up with your status updates.  What has been revolutionary in some ways is the transparent sharing of information that Twitter fosters with it’s simple concept.  Things like word of mouth about speakeasies can be shared through Twitter.   For those that are interested (and those that ain’t got a damn thing better to do then to keep hittin’ refresh on TMZ.com), you can even keep up with celebrities and follow what they are doing – if that floats your boat or helps you find your lost remote.  I know that Twitter has been around for a little while, but it’s seems as though it’s just recently exploded onto the mainstream and inundated the masses.   I think the fact that certain celebrities and sports figures have become addicted to it only accelerates and perpetuates its appeal among the commonfolk.  An example of it’s celebrity appeal is the fact that Shaq has even tweeted (on multiple occasions) during the course of a game when on the bench.  Everyone and their preggers babymama seem to be on this thing.  I’m still a newbie tinkering around with Twitter trying to figure out all it’s intricacies.  I’m going to give Twitter a test run over the course of the next few weeks before I can officially stamp it as fa shizzle legit.  Maybe feelin’ it up outside it’s doorstep (“…in front of all these people?!?!”) was a premature move?

Avert your eyes and smother your ears, a geek alert is clearing way and making room in the nerd aisle.

For whatever reason, sometimes the spacing in my posts gets formatted after publishing.  So, for those that aren’t too cool for school, I am a HUGE proponent of placing two spaces after each period.  That’s just how I roll.  Right after publishing this post, I realized that that had been automatically modified and formatted to one space.  So, what did my suspenders wearing, pocket protector rockin’ ass do?  I went back on this post and added an extra space after each period.   Hey…I know…I know…I agree with you…it is beyond me how I wasn’t selected as “Most Likely to Succeed” in high school.

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