Franklin, TX. Pop. 1470.

Franklin, TX. Pop. 1470.

Franklin, TX. Pop. 1470.

Here I am writing to you cats from the city of College Station, TX (home to Texas A&M University). Every morning and afternoon, I drive an hour to and from my Homehood Suites in College Station to the power plant in Franklin, TX. Word on the street was that I was supposed to have done left already from here yesterday…but…flip happens – as it always does on these startups. These startups rarely go according to plan. So, I fully expected to have my rectum poked, prodded, and expanded beyond comprehensible measurement before I headed out here last Monday. And…as expected, such has been the case.

In all seriousness though, This startup has went relatively smooth. We’ve been fortunate in the fact that we haven’t encountered too many cumbersome issues. This just seems to be a matter-of-time type startup. I can live with those. Anyways, it looks as if I will be able to fly back in town sometime later this week (probably Thursday or Friday). So, for now, I’m stuck here perusing the mean streets of Franklin, TX in search of vegetarian friendly food. I have been annihilating Jason’s Deli while here. It ain’t exactly my idea of a perfect, savory meal – but it’s healthy and vegetarian friendly. I stumbled across a Pita Pit the other day on the Texas A&M Campus and grabbed me a Falafel Pita. It’s been years since I’ve eaten at Pita Pit. My pita was on point. I am definitely going to be returning there sometime this week. As far as Franklin, TX goes, there are literally only a peace sign worth of options: Subway and Ama’s Mexican Restaurant. I have designated both as “wiggity wiggity wack”. But, they’ve sufficed decently enough for the past week (I’ve already hit up both 2 or 3 times). The major pain is that they are about 20 miles from the plant. There isn’t anything closer than that. It’s odd how I’ve become accustomed to the bumblefuck life. Anytime I’m sent out on the road for work, it is almost always somewhere in the boondocks. So, glamour life this definitely isn’t. Such is the grind of a controls engineer. But, believe you me, I got shit and squadoosh to complain about. There are field engineers whose job is to exclusively be on the road. We are talking 90% travel. For example, the construction team we are working with on-site have engineers who have been on-site for 6+ months. All they do is go from place to place assisting on different sites. Like I mentioned previously in a post, I don’t know how they do it. I could not. I love my life in The A. Sometimes, I can grow bored of it, but these prolonged site visits reinforce how much I enjoy my life back in the dirty dirty.

A few weeks or so ago, I went about the process of hiring an interior decorator to redecorate my condo. So, technically, we were supposed to have been done with everything this coming week, but this site visit has engineered a significant delay in those plans. Now, because of my hectic travel schedule and my decorator’s busy work schedule, we may not be able to complete the redecoration until sometime in June. I had everything planned to be completed this week, but my redecoration completion date has been postponed since my time here has been extended. But, we did get my condo painted last week, so at least that is one item on the list that has been crossed out. But, now I’m stuck having to stare at painted walls with no accompanying decor or furniture for a month. I can already envision myself second guessing the paint selection over and over and over. I wish we could get all of this done as soon as possible so I can see the finished product and how everything coordinates with one another (paint with furniture, rug, tables, etc.). But, I’ve waited this long, so what’s another month or so, right? Like I always say though, perspective, perspective, perspective. A lot of folks have it much worse.

Business travel always seem to come at the wrong time. Last year, when I started traveling extensively, I had just moved into my new apartment. So, for the first 4 or 5 months, I was on the road half of the time. Now, in the midst of my redecoration project, I am stuck out here in Texas wondering how much longer I will have to postpone my “Wine and Grilled Cheese” housewarming party.

Anyways, time to enumerate z’s.

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