Imminent (but Temporary) Absence

Imminent (but Temporary) Absence

So, I’m gonna shoot you cats a heads up on my imminent (but temporary) absence from blogging on this site. I’m gonna try to teach myself enough about web design as I can for the next two weeks or so. Hopefully, after I’m done stumbling around intoxicated with a haphazard knowledge of CSS, PHP, and HTML, I can re-design this veggielovin’ site and put my own personal toush on it.

I may or may not see this through. I have enough of a working knowledge about these things to not be completely out of my element, but we’ll see, no?

It doesn’t seem too difficult, but then again, that whole PVR fiasco took a bit longer than expected, so who I am foolin’? Why must I be so GT? Why? Why couldn’t I just be like all the other skanks out there and brandish a bill or so to purchase a legitimate premium WordPress theme? Ay yi yi, the things we do to bust a hyperlinked programming nut…

Who knows, maybe if I’m successful in my attempts, then I could even design a header logo for The Hamster ( Apparently, he got banned from Craigslist because he offered $35 to anyone who could design a website logo for him. Geeks across The A united against him and bombarded him with hate mail proclaiming how asinine it was to “only” pay $35 for an hour’s (maybe less) worth of work. Shit, maybe he should re-post? After all, it is officially a recession now; IT folks may have become as desperate for work as the rest of us.

However…If I’m successful in my WordPress endeavor, I will lowball the hell out of their pocket-protector rockin’ asses. Shit, how does FREE sound, Hamster? Hellz yeah. Now, if The Hamster voluntarily chooses to compensate me, I cannot say that I’d be the bigger man and refuse his monetary indulgence.

But, anyways, if you want to keep yourself updated with this site to know when I post next, just subscribe to the RSS feed.

I may or may not post a few items while I’m gettin’ my geek on. Hell yeah I grunt when I get my GT on…WHAT!!!

There are a few of you cats out there who already have WordPress based sites, so if all things go rather swimmingly, I’ll share my experiences in a post so you cats can have an informational reference on this matter.

By the way, you have got to corazon the iPhone (that would be a great t-shirt idea, “I CORAZON the iPHONE” – it even rhymes). I just blogged this entire post perched atop my porcelain BFF. Has your foot ever fallen asleep because you’ve been on the can too long? This seems happens to me at least once a week or so (more often than not at work). But this time, both of my feet have hit the snooze as I finish this blog in the water closet at my job.

I guess it’s the price you gotta pay for havin’ the iPhone.

One thought on “Imminent (but Temporary) Absence

  1. You need to make an annoucement that you will be taking the next two weeks off? You’ve been averaging more than two weeks for every post the last few months, so it’s not like your readers will be calling the search team after a week of no post.

    So you’re not going to fork over a hundred bucks to save you two (or maybe 6) weeks of hassle? talk about guju/gt. That’s a deadly mix, I hear. Sadly for you, there is no cure.

    Maybe you’re right about my craigslist post. Maybe I should repost it now to see what the now unemployed graphic artists say about my offer. Better yet, since it is a recession, I’m going to low ball their ass! $15, but if they call now, I’ll throw in some t->m action to sweeten the pot (pay for it, that is). Hellz yeah!

    While you get your gt on, I’ll be trying to work out the kinks on my site. The rss feed is acting kind of funny.

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