Sipping that Annabolic Codeine and Primobolan Syrup

Sipping that Annabolic Codeine and Primobolan Syrup


3 words. Ay. Yi. Yi.

A-Rod…A-Fraud…(shaking my head)…A-Roid…

What in the Blue Moon were you thinking? The Juice Bar (aka Major League Baseball) unfortunately failed to disappoint…again. So, the one hope we had of a “clean” player that “did things right” erasing Barry Bonds hold on the all-time home-run record is grimy too? Cheating like a petrified male afraid of commitment…

And…somehow…I’m supposed to believe that he hasn’t been sipping that anabolic codeine and Primobolan syrup since 2004? Yo…on the real A-Rod…really? I never understood this about MLB players: instead of coming out clean completely, they manipulate the truth and look for contrition saying that they’ve learned their lesson and that “it’s in the past”. And, as if that carriage of elephant feces wasn’t enough, they claim that they “didn’t know” what they were ingesting into their bodies. I mean… it ain’t exactly counting calories…but…C’mon Sam!

Supposedly, A-Rod, in his own words, said he didn’t even know he failed a drug test until a week ago. So…even though he was annihilating the statistical record book, he suddenly decided to quit using because he suddenly felt morally incapable of poppin’ ‘roids? This cat was smashing his way to becoming the greatest player of all time – and he suddenly developed a conscience? Cmon man. Come clean – legitimately clean.

Don’t get it mangled though – I’m not solely lambasting A-Rod’s tail and holding him hostage for all illegal acts committed by other miscreants – I’m just saying that his apology didn’t exactly seem wholly contrite and sincere. Plus, anything from A-Rod’s mouth seems a bit contrived. Let me say, for the record, that I am…well…was…an A-Rod fan. I took up for him whenever anyone slammed him, but now? I got nada. Zip. Zilch. SQUADOOSH. Feel free to verbally bludgeon him like a pin-striped pinata.

The best thing that he had going for him was his supposedly legitimate professional prowess. Let’s not overlook the significance of this. If he remains healthy, A-Rod will break the All-Time Home-run record and he will end up with more than 3,000 hits. If he had remained clean throughout his entire career, there would be a serious argument made about him being the GREATEST player of all time. But now? I’m not so sure if that argument will…or even should be made.

I’ve grown to become as cynical and skeptical as any other baseball fan, but I’ve maintained faith in the fact that there are legitimate great players who have never used any performance enhancing drugs to ascend to the top of the game – and A-Rod was my prime example of that. But now that I’ve found out that he cheated, I may just assume that they’re all dirty. Pujols? Guilty. Chipper Jones? Guilty. Hanley Ramirez? Guilty. Ryan Howard? Guilty. Innocent until proven guilty? Shit…not in the court of public opinion. Throw the book at ’em all. The minute…the millisecond we start to believe in the redemption of baseball, we’re bamboozled again with our undergarments around our ankles.

Before I get too adamant in expressing my opinion, I will say that I do understand where these illegitimate stars are coming from. During the mid 90’s to the early years of this past decade, steroids was prevalent throughout. I’m not excusing it in the least, but I can understand why so many players took it. No one was getting caught and so many folks were doing it. Plus, so many of the substances that are banned now weren’t then. Again, that doesn’t make it right. But if everyone around you was furthering their career implementing some legal, albeit unsavory, and illegal methods, then whose to say that you wouldn’t have at least been tempted? I know I would have. But…at the end of the day, you have to be able to discern between right and wrong. So, A-Rod is just another case of another guy who cut corners he shouldn’t have.

My main beef with him is that I don’t believe he’s come all the way clean. I’m done faulting players for partaking in a prevalent problem that baseball conveniently chose to ignore. Please believe, I am NOT absolving anyone of any responsibility, but I’m pretty much done with all this steroid talk. Alls I’m asking for is complete honesty from these players. Don’t jerk us around. Don’t ask for forgiveness by manipulating us with disjointed truth and fabricated explanations.

This was a colossal disaster for The Juice Bar. Over the past decade, the MLB’s been juicin’ more than Sunny D. Seriously, is it just coincidence that two MLB stadiums are sponsored by and named after JUICE companies (Tropicana Field and Minute Maid Park)? Hey, I just plot the dots – I leave it up to you to connect ’em.

Just when baseball thought it was starting to see a faint glimmer of daylight over the horizon, they get hit with this – and deservedly so.

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