WunderRadio and the High-Five of Death

WunderRadio and the High-Five of Death

For the time being, I’ve retired the title “The Beast” and have officially dubbed Adam Richman of the Travel Channel’s gluttonous show “Man v. Food” as “The Beast”.  They should rename the show to The BEAST v. Food – because that is exactly what it is.

The show is about a normal guy who travels around the country in search of the most obscure and gluttonous gastronomical challenges.  Just right now, I got finished watching an episode where he finished a plate of the country’s spiciest curry.  The owner of the restaurant said that only 100 people had ever finished the curry.  Mr. Richman was 101.  The way they made this curry was ridiculous.  The chef who cooked the curry has to wear a gas mask when cooking it because of it’s incendiary and suffocating aromatic spices.  But, The Beast Richman finished it.  He struggled midway through it, but finished it like a true beast.  This guy is the truth.  If I had a culinary draft, I’d trade up to draft this guy.  Herschel Walker ain’t got a damn thing on this cat!  Now…I have a new role model.  This guy sits at a table stuffing his face for a living…and he still gets women!  Women come up to him and give him kisses on the cheek and seductively encourage him to finish his challenges.  Is this man not the luckiest curmudgeon on the face of this earth?  You are my HERO (cue the Enrique Iglesias).

Although…as I write this, I’ve seen another episode where he fails to complete a breakfast taco challenge.  His challenge was to eat 8 breakfast tacos – and he only got through 4.5.  Maybe his greatness was a tad bit exaggerated.  I guess…he wasn’t “who I thought he was….and I refuse to “let him off the hook“.  But…still…fist tap, dueces, and mad kudos to him.   His appetite makes mine look like that of a bulimic ballerina.

I’ve recently come across another way to bootleg the iPhone and download paid apps…for FREE.  Subsequently, I perused through the thousands of applications and came across one called “WunderRadio”.  “WunderRadio” streams radio stations (regular radio stations and internet radio stations) from all over the world.  From Q100 to ESPN Radio to NPR – it pretty much encompasses the full gambit of stations worldwide.  A pretty versatile radio application – the best that I’ve tested out so far.  You can listen to stations from Tokyo to Mumbai to Singapore.  And if you feel like gettin’ your Republican on and stay the conservative course, then you can even listen to local radio stations like Q100 and V103.  Definitely doper than the trap.  Now, I can jam to some Bollywood tunes as I dilly daddle through PLC code and OPC Server tags.  This app is DEFINITELY a keeper.

So…there is this veggie joint in the city called “Dynamic Dish” that the viral world is raving about.  It’s in East Atlanta and is tucked away at the intersection of Edgewood and Boulevard.  I’ve heard about this place for years, but have never gotten around to actually frequenting the joint.  But…that will change.  I have made it a mission of mine to grab some herbivore grub from this place within a month.  I’ve recently been engaging in increased shenanigans in the East Atlanta area, so an entire colony of new and eclectic restaurants have sprung up on my radar.  Plus, a friend of mine recommended a website called www.restaurant.com where you can buy $25 gift certificates for $10 to various restaurants in the city.  But here is the delightfully pleasant catch:  there is a deal going on right now where you can get $25 certificates for $3 – all you have to do is simply type in the promo code “SAVE” at the time of checkout.  My Asian persuasion told me that she used one yesterday and that it is completely legit.  I just bought 3 of them (there is no service charge).  This idea is too damn genius for all you degenerates out there to not take advantage of.

I don’t know if it’s the holiday hangover or what, but I’ve been volleying around the idea that this current job may be my last engineering job.  I’m not so sure about that…but I just got this feeling that in a few years, I may cast away the engineering profession and pursue something that tickles my intellectual fancy a little more.  What that is?  I’m not so sure…but I just got this nagging feeling that I won’t always be able to neatly tuck away in the crevices of my mind.  Eventually, I’m gonna have to scratch that itch.  Soon…but not yet….not yet.  Then again, these palpable emotions are often sporadic and indiscriminate.  They rarely are sustained…so…I very well could be speaking out of my brown ass….but…like I said…we’ll see.

The Arizona Cardinals and The Pittsburgh Steelers are playing in the Super Bowl in a week and a half.   That’s right – the ARIZONA CAAHDINALS.  The same Cardinals who repeatedly got bent over and throttled by the NFL’s elite throughout the season…yet…at 9-7…they are in the Super Bowl.

Arizona fans…forgive me, for I am about to sin…

I am rooting for the Arizona Cardinals to win the Super Bowl.  A simple proclamation, no?  Wrong.  DEAD wrong.  I haven’t correctly rooted for a championship team in years.  In nearly every single championship in every sport over the past half decade, I’ve rooted for a team (or player) that went on to lose.  You don’t believe me?  Here’s my belligerent and shameful resume:

Here are the teams I’ve rooted for in championship series or matches recently:

Oklahoma over Florida (2009 BCS Championship)

Tampa Bay Devil Rays over Philadelphia Phillies (2008 World Series)

Lakers over Celtics (NBA Championship)

Patriots over Giants (2008 Super Bowl)

Federer over Nadal (2008 Wimbledon Final)

Memphis over Kansas (2008 NCAA Basketball Championship)

Ohio State over LSU (2008 BCS Championship)

Chicago Bears over Indianapolis Colts (2007 Super Bowl)

USC over Texas (2006 Rose Bowl)

Notice anything in particular about any of those matchups?  Hmmmm….simmer on it for a second; marinate on it for a minute…


That’s right ladies and gentleman….From blowouts to heartbreaking defeats – the common thread in the cheap fabric of my fanaticism is that every team I rooted for…LOST.

The list goes on…and on…and on (believe you me).  So…all you Arizona fans, cash your chips in while you’re still ahead – after all, who are you fooling? Even you know that you’re gambling with house money right now. I have officially slapped you the high-five of death.

If it’s any solace, there is a slight possibility that I could change my allegiance at the last minute.  Ya never know….

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