GT 45 – UGA 42. Nuff said.

GT 45 – UGA 42. Nuff said.

GT 45 - UGA 42.  'Nuff said.

Por fin.

After 7 LONG years of suffering heartbreaking after mindnumbing loss after one another, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team finally beat the University of Georgia (45-42 this past Saturday in Athens).  Tech never beat UGA in my years there, so this win was especially bittersweet.  What made it even more gratifying was that we defeated a school defined (for the most part) by obnoxiously biased fans.  For whatever reason, UGA fans (and in general, SEC fans) are the most biased college football fans in the country.  Not only do they bitch and complain about how often their school or conference is overlooked, but they annoyingly chastise and berate their competition.

They overvalue their athletic programs and fail to be realistic with their expectations and evaluations.  Plus, when they beat you, they are despicably obnoxious.  They will continue to rub it in your face and remind you of their supposed dominance.   I was sick and tired of hearing about how great UGA is.  They need to know their place in the grand scheme of things…and now…maybe they do.  Then again, they are, after all biased, obnoxious, and unrealistic – so they probably think they deserve a bid in the BCS title game over other worthy and far superior teams.

Every so often, someone smacks the brash, opressive bully in the mouth – and that’s exactly what we did this past Saturday.  Their star running back (Knowshown Moreno) had the audacity to disrespect Georgia Tech’s Johnathan Dwyer by saying, “Who?” when asked about Tech’s lead running back.  BIG MISTAKE.  HUGE MISTAKE.

We effectively told him (and the rest of the UGA squad) to “shut your face”.  From preseason no. 1 to getting their tails handed to them at home on Senior Day by an archrival (in addition to handing them their 3rd loss).  I’d confidently classify that as a “damn homey” moment.

Absolute kudos goes to Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson.  In his 1st year, he’s equaled Chan Gailey’s maximum win total (9 – with a bowl game still to go) and has done something Gailey never did:  beat Georgia.  This Johnson guy seems like he’s the truth…but I’ll reserve absolute judgment until after next year.  We’ll see if he can maintain this type of success.  Regardless, that triple option had the UGA defenders on their heels the entire second half.  Like I predicted at the beginning of the season, they didn’t know where the ball was going.  Left right left right…he gone!  That’s how the entire second half went.

Finally, the Ball-Gailey (as in Reggie Ball and Chan Gailey) curse has been lifted.  Consistency is all I’ve asked for the past 5 years…and it finally seems as we’ve gotten that.  Thank you Paul Johnson for a memorable season so far.  Maybe this fancy-boy triple option actually can work in a “big boy” conference.

Also, as much as the ACC has been diminished and dissed this past year (and probably rightfully so), they went 3-1 against the supposed powerhouse SEC this past weekend.  We will probably also send 10 teams to bowl games.  So, while the ACC still has a ways to go in terms of competing for BCS bowls and title games, they seem to be headed in the right direction.

I will savor this victory for a while.

GT 45 – UGA 42.  ‘Nuff said.

3 thoughts on “GT 45 – UGA 42. Nuff said.

  1. What are you savoring now Fuck stick? Last year was a fluke, this was a UGA rebuilding year and we Wiped the floor with you. The govenors Cup Resides in Athens once again, and you can let that marinate. South carolina Blows out Clemson, UF stomps FSU and UGA ran all over the #7 ranked GT for an SEC ass whooping all over the South.

  2. How bout them dogs in 2010…LMAO!!! Go jackets!! I guess this year is a rebuilding year as well!! Who does your construction?? Wiley Coyote!!?? Must be acme parts yall use over there in Athens!!

  3. Well here we are rolling through 2012. And before you know it, football season will be here again. I just found this article while looking for some pictures and it is about the funniest thing I have ever heard to hear some nerd talking about the overrated SEC and UGA when we have won 6 straight BCS titles and screwed out of the game in 2004 and 2005. Just a few months from now, yet ANOTHER senior class will leave Tech without a win over Georgia. Can’t wait to see PJ and his silly little option again.

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