Maysville, Kentucky

Maysville, Kentucky

I’m chilling here in Maysville, Kentucky having just finished a reasonably satisifying bean burrito and bean soft taco from Taco Bell.  Here is one of the shittier things about life on the road:  As a vegetarian, there are very limited dining options.  Especially in indiscriminate towns like this.  So, even when I attempt to eat healthy, I can’t find anything nutritious anywhere.  I am normally forced to rotate Subway and Taco Bell throughout the duration of my trips.  I can’t believe I’m saying this…but…I’m feening for a soup and salad combo.  Mmmmm…I’m sure I can finagle myself one tomorrow from somewhere.

Manchester, Ohio is actually located on the Ohio-Kentucky border on the Ohio River.   Since there wasn’t a hotel within 15 miles of the plant, I had to stay across the river in Maysville, Kentucky.  The weather here has been a bit odd and funky.  When I left the plant this afternoon, it started snowing. After driving another 5 miles or so in light snowfall, the frozen precipitation stopped.  I then drove another few miles and it started snowing again.  Then, after leaving to grab some grub from my hotel, I noticed that everything outside had been coated with a light layer of snow.  Odd.  It snows one instant, then stops, then starts again – all in different areas.

Once again, I’ve been thrown onto a project of which I did no work on.  So, usually, the first day or day and a half, I have to familiarize myself with the project.  It probably makes me look like I have “shit for brains” in the clients’ minds, but it’s the process of spontaneous learning I’ve become accustomed to.  We have one guy in our office that almost exclusively does nothing but travel.  90% of the time, he is on the road.  Therefore, he never actually creates any of the projects that he goes on-site to start up.  He simply gets there and assists in startups.  Much of what he learns about the project is done on the fly.  And…he has been doing this for a lot of years for a lot of different companies.  How he does that is beyond me.  But, thanks for folks like him, the rest of us peasants don’t have to travel as often.

I’m hoping that things go smooth-ish this week.  I am scheduled to return back to the A on Friday, so hopefully, nothing holds me back over here.  If things go rather swimmingly, then there is an outside possibility that I’ll be able to return on Thursday – but I highly doubt that.  The minute I even entertain the idea of coming back early, something will inevitably go wrong and I’ll face the possibly prospect of returning later than planned.

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