8:02 AM – Headed to Dayton,OH

8:02 AM – Headed to Dayton,OH

The ATL airport has gotten exceptionally efficient over the past few years. I arrived at the airport at 7:20 AM for an 8:30 AM flight and got out of the security check at 7:35 AM. From entering the airport to getting my boarding pass to going through security – it took all of 15 minutes. As recently as six months ago, I’d have to wait over an hour for the entire process. They’re doing something right over here.

Off to Dayton, Ohio I go. I’ve never been to Ohio, so this’ll be another insignificant notch in my bumblefuck belt. From the Dayton airport, I have to drive 2 hours to Manchester, OH (that’s where the client site is located). This was another one of those “we ain’t got any damn body else” trips. I just found out last Thursday that they wanted me to fly out here for the week. I’m not too keen on the way they spring these last minute trips on me, but what are ya gonna do, right? Just take your check at the end of the month, grab ya ankles, and keep bendin’ over, no? I’m just being facetious – please believe, I know how good I got it. I know damn well it could be worse…so ain’t really no friction between me and The Bergemann. I can’t imagine how frustrating this must be for married couples. For me, it ain’t so bad – I ain’t go no one missing (or needing) my grill at home. Most folks in this industry have families. How these folks have managed to balance their professional and domestic lives is beyond me. A lot of folks that do this have gone through divorces. I can definitely see how this could take a toll on a family.

Anyways, enough with the sensitive and sentimental.

I’m a BIG Airtran guy. Love flying with them. They’re cheap, fly to a lot of indistinct locations, and have a pretty solid rewards program. And, they’ve yet to conform to the new fees and stipulations that most airline carriers have begun to enforce over the past year.

Anyways, they’re probably about to come by and wag their finger at me for whispering sweet nothings to my ladyfriend. Talk about hate! I’m PDA as hell with my PDA…I got no shame and very little dignity.

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