Matisyahu Concert at The Variety Playhouse

Matisyahu Concert at The Variety Playhouse

I’m gonna choose to ignore mentioning the fact that we could’ve possibly made somewhere between a $40-$50 profit off of our tickets if we would’ve sold them on the day of the concert.

Anyways, we went to the concert last weekend at The Variety Playhouse in Little 5.  First off, the venue itself was pretty dope.  I thought it would be an infested hole-in-the-wall joint that didn’t quite live up to its billing.  I was wrong.  The Playhouse was actually pretty decent.  Well kept up and a great place for concerts.  It wasn’t a huge venue, but it was large enough that it felt spacious, but small enough that it felt intimate.  A pretty dope venue.

Anyways, as far as the concert…it was good.  Great?  Ahhh…I don’t know.  I was expecting a little more interaction from Matisyahu and a little more excitement.  I know that his music is more chill than crunk, but I guess I expected it to be a little more hyped.  He wasn’t exactly the most personable performer either.  He came out, did his songs, and said a little bit at the end – but that was it.  He didn’t pause between songs much to interact with the crowd or explain his inspiration for certain songs or anything.  But…the guy performed for 2 hours…so he definitely gave us our dinero’s worth.  I swear to you though, I’ve never seen an artist spit so much jibberish and work so little on stage – and be able to pull it off.   This guy was sitting on speakers with his legs crossed and spitting hot fire.  I swear to you, this man would perform an entire song and only say, “obayo….wohbayo….wohbayo…”.  It was like this man was harmonically whining.  But…it was good stuff.

I’m not normally much of a concert-goer, but I think I will frequent a few more concerts than I have in the past (which is to say almost none). Especially now with my heightened (and temporary?) interest in indie rock and less mainstream music. Lord knows it’ll be a lot cheaper to watch the Cold War Kids in concert than it would be to watch Coldplay or U2.

Here are some videos I took from the concert:


Matisyahu beatboxing (I didn’t even know he could do this)


Matisyahu performing “King Without a Crown” after we called him out for an encore

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