Chomp and Stomp in Cabbagetown

Chomp and Stomp in Cabbagetown

I’m here with my cousin (Anjal aka Jungle) in the Cabbagetown area of Atlanta (Inman Park, Kiirkwood, Edgewood, etc.). I got my go-to “down with brown” outfit on as I sit on the grass sipping a Sweetwater Blue cheering on the I-don’t-even-know-their-name family band (not their actual name).

There was a 5k run and a chili cook-off earlier today. Sadly, we missed that (and the veggie corndogs which sold out!). I am REALLY feeling this Cabbagetown area. It has a Brooklyn feel to it. Wow…I’m sure the houses are beacoup caro…but I would LOVE to be a newlywed couple living here. You can get flipped, take your dog for a walk, head to a local bar, and walk back home. Absolutely THE glamour life.

This cook-off/Cabbagetown festival has been good times. Looks like a great place for malnutritioned artists. How can you NOT love this area. Places like this reinforce in my mind how great of a city Atlanta is.

We just got done watching a folk band that the inebriated audience (that would include me) clamored for an encore…TWICE! And they came back out…TWICE! Mad respect.

And now we sit at Krog Bar on Krog St in Cabbagetown. It is a “wine and cheese” themed joint – a bit pricy, but an excellent place to cake. I got my girl (my iPhone) and my cuz, so what else do I really need? I treat my ladyfriend to the finer things in life. Cake! Cake! Cake!

Nice little joint here though. I ordered a basil and tetilla (cheese made from cow’s milk) tramezzini (finger sandwiches). Overpriced…but delish.

They didn’t have the huevos to steal my wine and grilled cheese idea. Oh, please believe…they knew better…

Affluent Anglosaxons know how to live the good life.

Jungle just ordered a Schlitz – which the waitress described as a high-end PBR…and he still ordered one! This guy…this guy!!! Please believe, I will pilfer and plunder a sip of that.

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