Vote or Die . . . of Waiting

Vote or Die . . . of Waiting

The line at my poll location in Lawrenceville, GA

It’s 7:24 am and I’m in the line to vote in the good ol’ city of L’ville…and the line to vote has way too damn much curvature for me to feel confident in getting to work in time.

But…it’s moving at a decent speed…so, maybe only a hour wait or so? At this point, I’d be satisfied with that. Folks have definitely come out to have their voice heard (or disenfranchised – either or I suppose……I kid…I kid). And this is probably McCain country, so imagine the polls in the predominantly Obama areas. I saw on the news that some folks had started to show up at polls as early as 3am…3 am?!?! This ain’t no Black (no pun intended) Friday! Unless your ass is giving away 50″ flat screen tellies por gratis, my ass will be counting sheep and enumerating Z’s. But again, it’s good to see people showing out. I’m thinking it may be a record turnout, and for Obama’s sake, it may have to be (even though pundits have him lambasting that veteran tail). Has Bush not taught us anything? Some elections defy reason, expectations, and prognostications. Like my boy the Hamster says, “Polls don’t lie…people do.” Don’t know if I’m in total agreement with that, but I could see some truth in that. I’m an Obama guy, but think the USA will be in good hands either way.

Not too many young folks are here in line, but that probably has more to do with this area’s demographic. I’m hosting a watch party tonight that will likely be predominantly attended by pro-Obama folks…who, at least some, are an undergarment toss toward the political stump away from being groupies. Giggity, giggity!

Let me reiterate, HE AIN’T GOD! Although the t-shirt of his head perched atop Shiva’s body on sale in Union Square in The Fat Apple would beg to differ. I’m just looking for that boost to the economy he should provide if elected. Hopefully, controversy can be avoided this election. Hopefully, not too many voters will be disenfranchised.

I’m wondering how much of the black vote Obama will get. I’m predicting 95%+. It’s like you’re an Uncle Tom if you’re black and DON’T vote for Obama – like my boy The Hamster who is voting for McCain. He has endorsed McCain since the beginning of the primary season…and been roasted, flipped, grilled, turned, marinated, rotated, and lambasted enough to even make ME cringe (and I am enamored with roasting!) Yet, he has stayed true to his endorsement. No defection or okie doke…well…not yet at least. Ya never know! At least he’ll be voting for the leading vote getter and overall winner…in the state of GA.

McCain looks like he’ll win in GA, but we’ll see. Yellow dog democrats seem to be an artifact of distant memory.

Been waiting 30+ minutes and have moved about a quarter of the way. Not good…at least I got my girl to play with…

Now, if only “my girl got a girlfriend”. Now, I’m not a ménage guy, but where do I sign up for that? Maybe If only my honeybunny could cook and clean for me too!

If only…

UPDATE (9:28am): I just cast my ballot. The entire process took a little over 2 hours. About what I anticipated.

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