Ray LaMontagne

Ray LaMontagne

Ray LaMontagne, or Rey de La Montana (as I like to call him), is some new music I was exposed to last weekend on my visit to my cousin Sagar Desai Never Lies in Brooklyn.  My cousin is into folk rock – and he mentioned Ray LaMontagne as an artist that exemplifies the type of music he’s into.

So, I downloaded and copped a listen to his “Trouble” song…and was blown away.  He has a soulful and raspy voice – it sounds like a hybrid of soul/folk/jazz/blues.  This is the kind of music I like swivel my head to.  It’s funny how I’ve transitioned from Rap/R&B/Reggaeton to Indie Rock/Folk/Ambient.  From T.I. and UGK to Trentemoller and Ray LaMontagne.  But…that new T.I. (Paper Trail) is pretty dope.  I’d say it’s his best album since Trap Muzik – but it still can’t touch I’m Serious.

But, yet again, I digress.  Ray LaMontange is good stuff – absolutely worth a listen.  So, in lieu of my newfound appreciation for El Rey da La Montana, I figured I’d tried to give him some pub and blow him up on my site.  Below are two of his songs that I’ve been jamming to since I’ve gotten back from The Fat Apple.  Take a listen below (click on the links to listen to the songs).


Hold You In My Arms

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