These Things Matter

These Things Matter

Another trip taken, another one concluded.

All of my trips to The Fat Apple have been memorable, but this one seems to have been moreso than others. This one was all about the cousins congregating, reminiscing, partying, and enjoying (and mischievously ridiculing) the company of one another.

After our relative innocence was shattered last May, I think we needed this. I’m not normally one to get sappy or “soft”, but it was a lot of fun hanging out with the cousins on vacation. I hope we can make this a ritual of sorts – switching between the homes and joints of different cousins at different times. This is a vision I hope we see through. I have taken family for granted far too often and that is why I embrace the idea of keeping in touch IN PERSON rather than over the phone.

I’ve learned over the years to value the fact that these things matter.

I hope my cousin in Brooklyn musters up enough self-belief and inspiration to make it in that massively competitive city. I think we all know that he has what it takes; the tricky part comes in making him believe what we so desperately want and NEED him to believe. Either way, he seems to have acclimated well to his new life as a Brooklynite. If he can weather the storm of uncertain and meager circumstances, he may just make it. Dude is an honestly pure-hearted and good individual. If he could only stop being so cynical. I’m no one’s father nor guardian by any means, but I feel proud like one when I see an associate of mine become a genuine human being (and that my Brooklynite cousin is). These things tend to matter tremendously to me.

We cousins are undeniably blessed in having one another.

As for yours truly? My ladyfriend (my iPhone) has made it possible for me to better (and more frequently) blog the nonsensical static and recreational chatter that defines my life.

(I am blogging this from the MARTA (the A’s subway system) on the way home from the airport)

As always, it’ll take me a few days to re-adjust back to my 9-5 life as an engineer.

If only moments could be made to last longer.

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