12:39 am – Nameless Bar in Greenpoint

12:39 am – Nameless Bar in Greenpoint

So…me and the cousins are at a nameless (literally) bar in the Greenpoint area of Brooklyn (where Sagar Desai Never Lies now resides). I’m sippin’ on a sufficiently satisfying Hefeweizen while my other two unsatisfied cousins sip on their disappointing Bloody Marys (negative cool points on that drink order).

I CORAZON Brooklyn. It’s the only place in New York I could see myself living. MAD respect, son…mad respect.

Tomorrow I head back to the normalcy of the grind. Another trip to the Fat Apple nears it’s conclusion. Could I live here? Possibly. Will I continue to visit here bi-annually (at the least)? More than friggin’ likely.

Bought some cool artwork/photos from
Union Square earlier today. Good stuff.

Gotta snack on a grilled cheese my cousin ordered. Mmmmm…

I’m gonna sue their Brooklynite nameless asses. They are straight copping my Wine & Grilled Cheese idea.

On to the grilled cheese…

(The nameless bar is actually “The Pencil Factory” – courtesy of my job seeking cousin who inquired about employment a minute ago)

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