If selling out is so bad, why does it feel so DAMN good?

If selling out is so bad, why does it feel so DAMN good?

Iphone 3G

Months ago, I bemoaned Apple and it’s “precious” iPhone.  I dismissed any notions of this phone being a “game changer”.  A few of my close friends decided to see what all the hype is about and converted (conformed?) to the iPhone and it’s maniacal fanbase and culture.

I laughed at how ridiculous they were to pay such an obscene amount for the phone and for the accompanying (and required) data plan.  I laughed hysterically as I held my RAZR in the air proclaiming my allegiance to T-Mobile and it’s cheaper plans and unparalleled quantity of minutes.  Sure, the reception is worse than one at a Hindu-Muslim wedding, but still….that’s besides the point.

Has any sense of ironic foreshadowing set in just yet in your mind?  Surely, you see me setting myself for a precipitous fall.  Surely, you can see this coming.

I, my friends (as John McCain so often likes to say), have sold out – and I must admit…IT IS GREAT.  I have succumb to the iPhone and its tantalizing ways.   Let’s just put it like this, if the iPhone was a girl, you might as well grant me an honorary degree from UMASS – because I’d sure as hell be a minuteman – if you catch my perverse drift.  They might as well rename this phone to the iBEAST – because that is exactly what it is.  It is a force of immaculate nature.  It is as good as advertised.  This is one phone that you WILL NOT be disappointed in purchasing.  The phone itself is not that pricey (at least not in comparison to other smartphones), but the required data plan ($30/month in addition to a voice plan) is what can really set you back.  That’s the decision you have to make.  But, with the 3G network on the new iPhone, it really is worth the extra dough you’ll have to shell out to procure this phone.

But, little does AT&T know (well…they’re the ones who actually told me this, but still), I have a month to renege on my new 2-year contract with AT&T.  The only other option for me is to defect back (or shamefully go groveling back) to T-Mobile to get the Google G1 phone.  From all reviews so far, the phone seems to stand up pretty well in comparison to the iPhone – plus it’s cheaper and the comparable data plan is $10 cheaper/month.  The iPhone the G1 is not, but it seems to hold its own.  I will more than likely end up making sweet wireless love to my “girl” (the iPhone), but I ain’t exactly married just yet.  I mean, it ain’t like I’m looking at other ladies, but all I gots to say is that I’m gonna make my way to the T-Mobile store to take a glance (and admittedly cop a feel) at the G1 phone this coming week.  If it truly is a fierce competitor, I may have to renege on my “girl” and kick it old school (as in a week ago) with my high school sweetheart (T-Mobile).  Shit, ain’t no ring on my finger yet.  As far as I’m concerned, I’m free to do as I please for a month before I gotta commit long-term to my lady friend.

All in all, the iBeast is just that – a BEAST.  There are a TON of apps that are available for the iPhone.  The apps are what make the iPhone that much more useful and appealing.  It’s literally like having a computer with you at all times.  Trust me, it pays for itself in convenience.

One thing I have realized though is that the standards have been raised for consumers.  Normally, a phone like the iPhone should have ZERO detractors, but Apple has set the bar high.  We now expect more.  There are tons of folks who are yearning for the simple subtleties that Apple has overlooked (most feel purposely) such as cut/paste, Flash browser capability, landscape texting, etc.  Most of these problems can be addressed by an appropriate firmware update, but for some odd reason, hasn’t been yet.   This is what makes the G1 phone so appealing – they have included most of what Apple has yet to – and they have welcomed programmers to create applications that can fill the voids the manufacturer may have forgotten or chosen not to fill.

If anything, I hope that the G1’s open-source approach forces Apple to be a little more lenient on the applications they approve for their app store.  And maybe, just maybe, they’ll push Apple to listen to the consumers who’ve helped rebuild them into a cultural icon and phenomenon.  Hopefully,  Steve Jobs has learned from his mistakes.  Sometimes, it is ok to give the consumer more control.  You can’t always be the benevolent dictator.  Folks (even die-hard Apple fans and supporters) can rebel.

Play your cards carefully Mr. Jobs.  Loosen your damn grip (and then you won’t have to worry about folks defecting to the G1 or the impending Blackberry Storm).  Alls I’m saying is be careful.

So, to sum up (and state the obvious), I SOLD OUT.

If selling out is so bad, why does it feel so DAMN good?

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