Delusions of Gastronomic Grandeur

Delusions of Gastronomic Grandeur

I’ve pretty much lost count as to what day of the cleanse it is. Well, I’ve completed the cleanse, so I guess there isn’t really a point of keeping track no ways, huh?

Yesterday, I faced my first true test to see if my body had adjusted itself back to its normal state. I ate some home cooked Indian food at the crib in L’Ville (daar, bhaath, shakh, and rotli). Mmmmmm. How my brother abhors Indian food is completely beyond me. I’m happy to report that my stomach and appetite seemed to have returned to normal. The BEAST…is back. I had all these delusions of gastronomic grandeur when I was performing the cleanse, but now those same feelings aren’t as strong as before. I had my moments where I vowed to myself that I would devour anything and everything in front of me once I completed the cleanse. I, oddly enough, have not had as gluttonous a motivation as I thought I would.

I have been off the cleanse for a few days now and I think that I have noticed some improvement health-wise. I don’t seem to be as tired in the mornings when I arrive to work. I think a lot of this is hearsay and uncertain speculation, but I feel as though I have more energy now than I did before (prior to the cleanse). But, it’s way too early to say – but I think that I will try to stick to as many natural and organic foods as possible. I think I am starting to believe the hype that surrounds natural and organic food. Maybe, it actually does make a difference. Maybe these hippie, meditative folks are onto something.

Tonight, we celebrate Celibate Mike’s birthday. It should be good times. Maybe, I’ll snap some photos on my digital comrade. Maybe. I’ve been reiterating to myself to take more photos, but I always inevitably either forget or neglect my camera. My commitment towards my camera is not nearly as astute and resolute as it probably should be.

Yo TJ (Trader Joe’s), don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. I will come visit you soon.

Buckle your seatbelts folks, you are about to experience a 180 degree whirlwind of digression…

Is Sarah Palin really as dumb as she is being portrayed (at least by Democrats)? I saw the VP debate last week and was very unimpressed. She kind of sounded like a dumbfuck…and what’s up with all them winks?

Can we all agree that she-a-tease-a?

She just came off as fake and trying way too hard. She kind of reminded me of Hilary Clinton. Whenever Hilary smiled, it just came off as fake. I know it may not have been that way, but that’s the way it appeared. Something about Governor Palin just doesn’t seem right. I don’t know exactly what it is. And enough with the “she’s folksy and appeals to the common folks” bullshit. Do people REALLY fall for that? (I’m not that naive – I know they do). Unless your ass has been with me in the trenches of my life, ain’t a damn struggle that you and I can relate to. If you can improve the quality of my life, then I don’t give a damn about how well you can relate to me.

Another thing that gets me are overzealous partisan voters. It’s like college football or something. It doesn’t matter who the opposing candidate is, these partisan voters will spew unimaginable hatred and biased rhetoric lambasting the other candidate. It’s a little much. Let’s have a little fair and unbiased perspective, shall we?

Take Senator Obama for example. I voted for him in the primary and will vote again for him next month. I generally approve of his campaign and stance on issues more than I do of McCain’s. But, I know a ton of Obama supporters who speak of this guy as though he is the Messiah; the second coming of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, etc., etc. No offense, but he has his flaws just like any other candidate. When I hear people who are so flagrantly pro-Obama, it almost makes me want to change my vote. I’m not gonna do that, but seriously folks – wake your ass up. They’re note even being rational. They think they are voting for the perfect candidate. That shit just ain’t true. All I’m asking for folks to do is to be rational and fair about all of the candidates. Obama ain’t perfect and more than likely, he ain’t gonna get a damn thing done. How many decades have politicians said that they were gonna fix health-care and social security? And what exactly has been done?

That’s right. Squadoosh.

I know I sound cynical, but I’m just basing this rant on history. I ain’t sipping as much of that Obama kool-aid as everyone. I ain’t hanging’ off the proverbial huevos as much as other folks. I’m a wait-and-see kind of guy. Can he turn this economy and country around? I think he has the potential. Will he? Who knows? Like I said, I’m gonna wait-and-see before I go Denny Green and “crown his ass”.

But, I will reiterate a post I wrote a while back: Obama, don’t you dare let us down. You have people believing again; people are actually willing to believe in their government again – even after being screwed more than a Metropolitan Parkway hooker. Don’t renege on all that you’ve promised. I know you probably can’t get 95% of what you promised done, but I can live with 5%. At this point, that 5% would be a welcome improvement.

Another thing: All you Democrats and undecided voters out there, BRING YOUR ASS OUT TO VOTE. If you take even the slightest thing for granted, your ass will be facing another 4 years of having republicans pull the rug out from under you. Be lackadaisical and suffer the incomprehensible consequences. Especially you YOUNG VOTERS, if you vote in record numbers, this election has a chance to be a landslide victory in Obama’s favor. That is a HUGE if. Young people are generally the most apathetic and inconsistent of voters. If McCain can pull this out, I’d consider it a pretty big upset. Especially considering all of the detrimental inertia his party has built up over the past 8 years. It ain’t exactly Oregon State toppling USC, but it’s close.

These Obama fans can be like those obnoxious UGA/SEC homer fans. I actually like the UGA football team, but with all these obnoxious and degenerate fans yelling about how great UGA is and how competitive the SEC is, they’ve turned me against them. Hate! Hate! Hate!

Sometimes, you gotta put shit in perspective.

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