Day 10 and Garba

Day 10 and Garba

My creaky ass went to garba last night with my brother and cousin…and suffice it to say, my old ass still got it.  Good to know the engine ain’t leaking too much oil just yet.

But, I had my moments of exhaustion.  My body held up much better than I anticipated, but I had my moments where I had to step aside, sip on some water, and take a few deep breaths.  I guess not having any solid food in your body for 10 days can do that to you.  Normally, I’m a garba locomotive during Navratri, but I was only sporadically that last night.  But, it was a lot of fun.  I love garba.

It may sound cliche or corny, but there is very little that puts me at more peace than being in the middle of a garba line twisting and turning.  It just feels right.

Whatever happened to the old-school, 3-step traditional dandiya-raas?  Why must all younger folks do the 12-step?  I like the old school one.  Plus, the 12-step one almost always inevitably breaks up because someone forgot the steps.  Plus, what’s so cool about it?  It’s just more steps.  And you are confined to perform these steps in less space.  I don’t understand this 12-step phenomenon.  Let’s kick it old-school and get filthy crunk with the 3-step.  Am I preaching to a house-full audience (as we brown folks like to say) or is this a monologue delivered to no one?  I feel like Kobe, even though he’s not even 30-years old, he’s been in the league for over 10+ years.  He’s a veteran, despite his age.  I ain’t been doin’ garba but 10 years (at the max), and I feel like a veteran, like one of the older guys in the locker room.

Where are the older (i.e. my age) folks at garba?  Maybe at Gujarati Samaj.  I just don’t see as many older folks anymore at garba.  It’s just a bunch of teeny-boppers (aka jailbait) – which is fine, but where are my garba veterans?   I’m calling out all you folks.  I will say this though, garba just ain’t the same if you don’t have a group of folks to go with.  It’s kind of like going to the club alone.  It’s not the same.  So now, our once enormous clique of garba frequenting folks has dwindled down to 3 – me, my brother, and my cousin Ankur.  I will admit though that it felt weird going to a garba without Ankit – my brother said that much to me on the 40-minute ride to the Mandir.  I hope to always have some folks to go to garba with, at least a few times a year.  I remember times when I LIVED for garba.  I grew weary in anticipation of it every year.  I think some of the enthusiasm has quelled a bit, but I still enjoy it – and I hope that doesn’t change in the near future.

A girl that can garba…and garba well?  Smokin’…sizzlin’…mind-numbingly hot.  “You complete me” type shit.  Giggity giggity.

So, Day 10 is officially complete and so is the Master Cleanse.  But, it ain’t exactly “over”, I still got a few more days to go until I can officially return back to eating solid foods.  I am looking forward to incorporating OJ in my diet today.  Never have I looked so forward to sipping on some OJ.  I am curious to see how my body will process this “foreign” liquid in my body.  In general, I’m curious to see how my body will react to anything I consume that I haven’t consumed the past 10 days.  I’m gonna try to do things according to the guidelines though; I’m not looking to experience any massive stomachaches and/or mind-numbing headaches.  I will pass on that mon frere.  I started this right, have done it right, and want to end it right.  No need to be difficult now.

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  1. you have no idea of how old you sound in this post. ROFL.


    I like that you guys are embracing the name though.. hehe.. I have to give nicknames to the rest of the clique.. hmm..

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