Day 8 – Dream Never Come True!

Day 8 – Dream Never Come True!

My pops is a mad genius I tell ya…a mad genius.

He always told me growing up (and reiterated whenever necessary) that, “Dream NEVER come true!”

Give that man a Fields Medal or a Nobel – ‘cuz that man’s intellect and foresight is ahead of its time.

I previously posted that I could drink soup on Days 11 and 12.  And with that, I logically assumed (like a duh-duh-dumbass boy) that that implied any soup.  But, little did my unsuspecting ass know, that you can only drink vegetable broth.  So, my fantasmic dreams of sipping on Tom Kha Coconut Soup for dinner and slurping some Manchow soup for dessert was quickly shattered into insignificant pieces.  They weren’t kidding about easing off of the Master Cleanse.  Apparently, there can be a lot of side effects of you forcing your body to quickly adjust back to eating solid foods – and especially processed foods.  So, on Day 11, I can incorporate freshly squeezed orange juice in my diet and on day 12, I can incorporate some vegetable broth back into my diet.  I think that on Day 13, I can incorporate some fruits and some salad.  Then, on Day 14 or 15, I should be able to slowly start eating regular foods again – but they implore to abstain from consuming any meat (no problem there) or dairy products (big problem there) for at least a week.  That would put me right up to my friend’s bday party on 10/10.  I don’t know if I will be ready to BEAST by then, but we’ll see.

So, if any of you folks are seriously considering this cleanse, remember:  this is more like a 17-day fast than a 10-day.  You can’t just continue eating regularly on Day 11.  You have to slowly allow your body to acclimate back to eating solid foods again.  It is a bitch of a process, and if I wasn’t so damn far into it, I might’ve just reneged on the entire thing.  Maybe.

But, yesterday (Day 7), was probably the best I’ve felt the entire time on the cleanse.  I had a sufficient amount of energy and didn’t experience much hunger or exasperation.  I slept good and woke up feeling ok.  Could it be that I’m getting stronger the longer I cleanse?  I don’t know.  I don’t agree with folks who say that they feel as though they have more energy during the cleanse than before it.  Maybe some folks experience that, but not me.  I don’t see how that’s possible.  I am normally a high-energy guy.  I’m fairly optimistic, don’t go to bed early, and work out regularly – and my energy definitely feels zapped in comparison to that.  I wouldn’t exactly advise folks to go work out much during the cleanse.  Maybe hitting the treadmill a day or two wouldn’t hurt, but it would probably make you more hungry.  Not sure.  I’ve not worked out the entire time during the cleanse.  I’ll probably pick back up my exercise regiment a week or so after the cleanse.

The joint is slowly coming together.  I finally have my bedroom setup and have partially cleared up the living room.  Hopefully, with fingers on both hands crossed, things will be considerably more acceptable by this weekend.  There are a few folks this week who are coming through and making some slight modifications/adjustments to the joint.  This whole traveling thing really puts an inconvenient limp in your style.  You always feel forced and pressured to do things ASAP, because you know you are headed out of town the following week (as I am to Charleston next week).  Such is life though.

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