Day 6 – An Oil Change for the Body

Day 6 – An Oil Change for the Body

Yesterday, Day 5, probably was the most difficult day so far of the cleanse.  My body was sore, my head hurt, and my back was feening for some Ben-Gay.  I was craving food like a J outside of Mickey D’s.  Then, to top it off, a friend of mine wanted to try the cleanse out too, so we rolled out to Trader Joe’s to pick up some of the ingredients for him.  Everything in that damn store had my mouth salivating.  I swear to God, if I would’ve broke the cleanse yesterday, I would’ve damn near cooked every vegetarian dish I could think of.  Then, to top it off, I somehow misplaced my cleansin’ ingredients (the lemons, maple syrup, cayenne).  So, I pretty much sipped on filtered water the entire day.  Now, I see the value of the lemonade.  It does curb the appetite – at least a lot more in comparison to water.

Plus, I think that with the moving I did on Saturday, my body was already a little sore and I was probably a little tired from the weekend’s events.  But, I kind of figured that the weekend would be the toughest for me.  I think that the work week is better structured for me to complete the cleanse.

I haven’t been going to the bathroom as much as advertised.  My sister thinks I haven’t exactly been doing things right and so does my mom, but I don’t see how that’s possible.  I’m pretty sure I’ve been following the routine correctly.  The salt water flush in the morning hasn’t really had my bowels quivering either.  Most folks are sent to the bathroom at least a few times in the morning.  I haven’t really experienced that just yet.

On a slightly disappointing note, I’ve learned that you can’t just return to eating solid foods on Day 11 – you have to ease your body back into the process of consuming solid foods.  But, I’ve read (and been told) that you can incorporate some OJ into your diet and soup for a few days.  Now, that, I can live with.  Please believe, if I can, I will run to the closest Thai joint and get me a big ol’ cup of that Tom Kha Coconut Soup.  Or….better yet….a Hot and Sour Soup or Manchow Soup from HotWok (that shit is the BOMB!).  Giggity.  Giggity.

Today, I feel a lot better and am not really craving anything.  Friday will be my last day, and in a week from now, on the following Monday, I should be able to take in some solid foods again.  It’s gonna be hard fighting the urge to straight BEAST when I’m done with this cleanse.

I think that if someone was to start the cleanse, they should start it on a Monday.  That way, you will only have to cleanse on one weekend, and by the time the next weekend approaches, you will be ready again to eat solid food.

Next week, I will be traveling to South Carolina for a startup.  I think I will be staying in Charleston, SC – which I heard is beautiful.  I heard it’s very similar to Savannah…and I love Savannah, so that should be good.  Maybe, for once, I will actually take pictures and post them up.  Maybe.

I have yet to experience any spiritual serenity or revelation from this cleanse (I’m not even sure if you’re supposed to).  Some folks find out a lot about themselves and who they are.  I, on the other hand, have really only experienced hunger…and a little bit of weight loss.  To each his own I guess.

I think that I probably won’t do this again.  It’s doable, and if I needed to do it again, I could – but I don’t think I want to.  I think it is good for your body though.  And, I think I will better see the results once the cleanse is complete, but I think that I enjoy food way too damn much to give it up again for another 10 days.  But then again, ya never know I guess.

I’m already wondering what my first meal will be once I can eat solid foods again.  Maybe Thai?  Maybe some good old fashioned daar, bhaath, sakh, and rotli?  Hmm…with palak paneer and chole…or maybe bhinda?  Maybe with a side of pani puri?  Simply imagining the possibilities is making my mouth water.  I’m drooling like Homer right now.  Everything seems to taste better when you’re doing the cleanse.  Food I rarely eat is extremely appealing to me at times.  I’ve even developed somewhat of a sweet tooth.  Odd how I crave something I so rarely eat when I’m not eating at all.   Hey, the body and mind work in mysterious ways…

I’m curious to see what my appetite will be like after this cleanse.  I wonder if I will get full a lot quicker.  Will I straight BEAST or will I be shamefully pulling the waitstaff to the side and discreetly asking for a to-go box?  We will see.

I think the best way I can describe this cleanse is as an “oil change for the body”.  Pretty much, you’re emptying out all the gunk, crud, and crap (literally) out of your body that is hindering it from performing optimally.  Let’s just be glad that we don’t have to do this every 3 months (although some folks do).  We’d be pushing that limitation every damn time if we did.  Lord knows I’d be procastrinating more than FEMA after Katrina.

I can’t believe that there are folks who do this for 30 days+.  On that hand, I fold – even on the option as the big blind.

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  1. The more and more I read about it, the more i want to do it. I dont have any ingredients out here, but i am sure that can be fixed. Honestly though, my new workout plan gives me much energy, so I am wondering how much more a cleanse would help.

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