Day 1

Day 1

“Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.”

With that being said, I’m going to pilfer an idea my brother-in law has verbalized on his blog.  I’m going to try my best to chronicle my 10-day cleanse.

Today was my 1st day doing the cleanse…and so far, so good.  For most folks, the first few days are the toughest, but I think my struggles may start after a few days.  I’m accustomed to the whole being hungry thing because of my weekly fast, so the initial withdrawals aren’t new to me.

Beginning this cleanse on the road may not exactly have been the best idea.  First of all, when you are out on the road, everyone eats out.  So, the temptation to eat is much greater than it is when you’re at home.  Another thing is, lugging around all these materials (the syrup, lemons, cayenne, etc.) is a bit of a nagging bitch on the road.  But…my impatience reared it’s deformed head yet again.  I wanted to start this cleanse while the iron on my curiosity was still sizzling hot.  I tend to be a little scatter-brained when it comes to certain ambitions in my life.  I feel as though I must do something ASAP, otherwise I will move on to something less pertinent.  I have too many interests sometimes.  I tend to lose focus easily.  So, I combat that by trying to do things as quickly as possible.  That is why I wanted to start this cleanse ASAP – regardless of where I was.  Plus, everyone has those moments where you know something is right; where you feel that you need to do something…and you know that if you don’t act quickly, you may wake up feeling differently (and entirely less motivated).

My sister said the lemonade would fill me up…but I can’t exactly agree with that.  It’s quelled the hunger, but not exactly eliminated it.  But, it seems sufficient enough to temper any withdrawals I may suffer during this cleanse.  The lemonade drink itself isn’t very tasty, but it’s consumable.  It tastes decent enough for you to down the required 6-12 glasses a day (I’ve downed 6 today).  My stomach has felt mildly upset throughout the day, but nothing major.  I’ll compare it to how your stomach feels the day after a night of partying and heavy drinking (but not after a night of stumbling and vomiting).  It’s irksome, but tolerable.

Anyways, when I woke up this morning, I drank the glass of sea salt water and wasn’t sent packing to the bathroom.  I think the fact that I went a few times the night before probably explains that.  I was fully expecting my bowels to start shifting like a defense after an audible, but it didn’t.  Am I actually complaining that I wasn’t sent sprinting towards the can?

I think something else dawned on me earlier today.  So much of our time is spent on food.  Think about it.  Most folks spend a half hour or so on breakfast, then an hour for lunch at work, then spend at least another hour or so in preparing and consuming food for dinner.  And I didn’t even mention the snacks.  Cancelling food out of the equation leaves you with a lot more time.  Imagine not being able to eat.  Where would you meet up your friends?  What would you do on the weekends?  So much congregation goes on at restaurants.  Food is truly essential.  Not just as a physiological need, but also as a social need.  Some of the most honest and entertaining conversation I’ve ever had has taken place under the pretense of a meal.  Food is the ultimate ice-breaker; the perfect distraction to alleviate stress.  A conversation is much easier to have with a soda pop in one hand and a salsa drenched chip in the other.  Think about it.  It makes all the sense in this small world.

Anyways, I was fairly exhausted today.  I don’t exactly know how much of that incapacitation I can attribute to the lack of sleep the night before and how much I can attribute to the cleanse.  I’m not sure which is the guiltier culprit.  I’ll try to get a better night’s sleep in tonight and see how things go tomorrow.

If I am not crouching on the can tomorrow morning after consuming the sea salted water, I’m going to get a little nervous.  I know different people react differently to different things, but that’ll have me a little concerned.

Anyways, that’s day 1.  I doubt I’ll be able to jot down thoughts from everyday of this cleanse, but I’ll give it a reasonable effort.

I’m wondering how I’ll hold up this weekend.  I have a concert to go to (3 Doors Down) on Friday and then I’m moving out of my old apartment into my new joint on Saturday (and maybe going to garba afterwards in the evening).  All this on ZERO food.  I’m curious to see how I’ll fare.

Buckle your seatbelts folks, it’s gonna be an interesting ride.

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  1. In ref to last post: Hehe… Old man himself, Ringleader, y por su puesto tu, Abuelito. Though, just so you guys know, you all have quite a ways to go to before ya’ll get on the same level as the OG’s.


    I hope that the cleanse goes well for you.

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