Wine and Grilled Cheese

Wine and Grilled Cheese

Next weekend, I will be officially moving into my new joint down the street.  I think that I am pretty much done with any large purchases I anticipated.  I purchased a shag rug, a flat-screen TV, and a sofa set this past weekend before I headed out to Kingsport, TN.  That is a BIG relief.  I knew that I would have no time to do any shopping because I’d be on the road for a startup the entire week.  I didn’t want to press any of these purchases, but I definitely felt the weight of the long arm of the clock bearing down on me.  Now, I have to worry about the coordination of colors and styles in the apartment.  Why is it that I seemingly always try to force some kind of green into things?  I bought a celery green shag rug, which I’m not sure will coordinate well with the dark gray sofas I purchased.  I think I can make it work, but I just have to see everything together before I can make a conclusive decision.  Worst case scenario:  I’ll have to return the rug and get a new one or buy some other items (maybe pillows, throws) to accent the sofa.  I think, after having everything moved in, I can better gauge the possibilities.

It’s hard to be patient when you so badly just want to get things done and finished.  It’s hard not to get complacent when it comes to these things.  I am still looking for some nice, sizable wall art that I can put up.  That will probably take some time to find.

I should be able to pick up the sofas next Saturday and hopefully mount the TV.  I am hoping, crossing my fingers, that I can have things looking reasonable by Sunday – just in time to invite a few folks over for the Sunday Night Football game.  We’ll see.  Stay tuned amigos.

By the way, none of you cool cats try to cop this, but I have a genius idea I have been trying to execute ever since we moved into The Heights (I don’t give a damn if they changed the name to Century – it will ALWAYS be The Heights to me).  I want to host a wine and cheese party – with a grilled twist.  A wine and grilled cheese party.  I’m talking Merlot and Mascarpone.  Chardonnay and Cheddar.  Pinot and Provolone.  I’m talking about grilled cheese made with tomatoes and Dijon mustard.  Slightly brushed with olive oil and Parmesan and cut up into bite-size pieces penetrated by toothpicks.  This is my idea…this is my dream.  We were supposed to have this at The Heights when we moved in, but being a Chester got in the way.  So, with this new joint, I want to do things right.  Wine and grilled cheese.  It defines me perfectly.  I am low-class, but occasionally, I like to do high-class things.  The idea started as whisper, but now reverberates as a thunderous roar.  It must be done.  Once I get settled in and things satiate my residential palate, I will invite a few folks to get stuffed with grilled cheese and FUBAR with wine.  Soon…but not yet…not yet…

One thought on “Wine and Grilled Cheese

  1. Yo, how about this gangsta thing I have been looking at: Wall decals. ITS GENIUS….its kinda like that Fathead thing you see on ESPN commercials, but more artsy. Im thinking of tricking my baghdad crib out with these things.

    Check out the website:
    and have some cool art for sale.

    Yah, put me down for wine and cheese….and that orange…..

    Why not host it on Election night? Have an election night wine and cheese?

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