A Little Overwhelmed

A Little Overwhelmed

Sofa and loveseat or sofa and chair?  Harmony 550 Universal remote or Phillips Prestigo? Psyclone Source Selector?

Rooms to Go, American Signature, Jennifer Convertible, WestElm, IKEA.

Traditional bed frame or platform bed frame?  If platform, then Tatami?

Wall art.  How big?  How much?

Rug.  Ditto.

Coffee table or storage ottoman?  2 LCDs or 1?  LG or Samsung?

Spice rack.  Revolving?  Stationery?  More spices or less spices?

Charged for an appraisal that was never done.  “All things are difficult before they are easy.”  The story of my life.

Gotta stay at least ONE night in the new joint before September 15 (Hindu do-it-or-face-eternal-damn-reincarnation stuff).

Expense report needs to be filled out and turned in tomorrow.

Trying to sell sofa to highest bidder before the end of the month.

One project’s deadline is Friday while another project’s is next Wednesday.

Good Lord…

I’m tired of listing things (and I ain’t even list but a quarter of the things I need to get done in the next few weeks).  I’m putting my mind and body in sleep mode right now.

My mind races too fast – from thought to thought.  Rather than ignoring these sporadic thoughts, I entertain them and let them flood my mind.

One thing at a time, I constantly have to reiterate to myself.

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.

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