Who left the fridge open?

Who left the fridge open?

I’m still reeling from the effects of my debilitating defeat in poker last night.  My full house got bitch slapped by 4 of a kind.

Immediately after,  I retreated with my tail between my legs to the sofa to watch the Chuck Liddell UFC fight.  This is the 2nd time I’ve watched Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell – and the 2nd time I’ve seen him get “knocked the fuck out!”.   Iceman?  Not exactly.  “Who left the fridge open?”

After poker and after some persistent coercion by friends, we watched Step Up 2 The Streets. This was my 2nd time watching it after having been forced by my asian persuasion homegirl to watch it in Virginia months ago. I remember slamming it as deplorable and horribly acted. After watching it again the 2nd time with less negative preconceptions, I have to admit that the movie wasn’t half bad. Sure…the acting was about as bad as I remember it, but the movie overall was entertaining. And of course, the dance scenes stole the show. They were creative and some were even awe-inspiring. How these choreographers come up with these routines is beyond me. Art in motion. I can’t believe I admitted that I actually kind of sort of liked the movie. Man oh man…my asian persuasion homegirl will not let me hear the end of this. Dammit Chloe!

And if I hear “the streets” one more damn time, I’m gonna go Costanza and Twix on that ass.

The NFL season is two hours away from its unofficial start.  Please believe I am ready to get my couch potato on today and watch nothing but football all day.  Let the fun and games begin.  I’m curious to see how Matt Ryan will fare in his first start.  I say this cautiously…but…Matt Ryan might turn out ok.  He looked pretty good in the preseason and seems to be a pretty smart guy.  I think he might have what it takes.  But…we Falcons’ fans (all 10 of us) have been let down too many times in the past to get ahead of ourselves.  So…we’ll see.

Georgia Tech (click here to view their schedule) seems to be the ACC’s salvation.  At least, that’s what I naively keep telling everyone.  2-0 baby.  I’ll take it.  And we haven’t even gotten fully comfortable in the new spread option offense installed by Paul Johnson.  So, hopefully, by the end of the season, they will have ironed out all the kinks in the system – just in time to ruin UGA’s bid at a SEC and/or National Championship (both of which very likely may not happen – have you seen their schedule?).  At Arizona State, LSU, and Auburn?  Good luck is alls I can say.

My snail-like transition from my apartment to my condo has finally begun.  I have moved in some clothes and some other stuff.  I am hoping to purchase a TV and take a serious look at some sofas this week.  I have no choice but to be fully moved in by October 1st (because our apartment lease is over at the end of this month).  I’ve met a few people over at the new property who seem pretty cool.  For the most part, the community seems pretty warm and cordial.  Hopefully, that is more the rule than the exception.

Anyways, on to NFL pregame. Our weekly tradition of congregating for the Sunday Night game and grabbing Chinese at halftime is officially underway.

I’m so damn glad that football is back.

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  1. Dane cook is not over exposed in movies, he has only been in a handful, and very few as a starring role, and those have only been in recent years. I can see your point with maybe some of the other comedians mentioned, but it mostl seems like an attack on a brand of comedy that some may not like, but it does not suck. Everyonehas their preferences, but it doesn’t make everyone else wrong

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