On-Call in Rockdale, TX

On-Call in Rockdale, TX

Think you get your shit pushed in?

Un otro dia de puta mierda ala planta.  Trabaje trece y media horas hoy – sin almuerzo.  Dios mio.  Te digo en serio, estas cosas casi nunca van bien.  Casi siempre hay problemas.  Problemas lo que no esperas.  Pero…eso es la vida de un ingeniero de controles.

I went to work this morning at 7:30am and left at 9pm.  That’s 13.5 hours.  I even got called back halfway on the road to home from the plant urging me to come back because their sootblowing system went down.  And to top that off, I am on-call tonight – in case anything goes wrong.  They got no one else.  I am the only engineer on-site. So…I sit in my Best Western hotel room dreading the sound of my celly buzzing away in the middle of the night.

This cannot, in no friggin’ way, shape or form, turn out good.

This is probably the most remote place I’ve been to on my business travels.  It’s pretty cool being in a place so quiet and green…but small town life only reinforces how much of a city kid I am.  I like options.  I like being able to do different things on different days whenever the hell I want.  I mean…I just can’t fathom myself living in a small town my whole life.  Some of these folks have never been outside the state of Texas.  They live such a simple life in comparison to us city folks.  To an extent, I respect that, but know that there is no way I could live that life.  No way.

Not surprisingly, the Subway here doesn’t have a VeggieMax (veggie patty) sandwich.  So I had to kick it old-school and get the veggie delite.  The funny thing about this Subway was that it was connected to a Texas Burger.  Wow.  Having to choose between a coronary quadruple bypass surgery or eating fresh?  Now that is the real testament of will. But…oddly enough…the Texas Burger had a veggie burger.  Ain’t that a blip?

Texas Burger and Subway.  Franchise burger joint and franchise deli.  I’ve never seen that combination before.

Everyone seems to know each other out here (for the most part).  90% of the folks in Subway yesterday knew each other, and folks just know that I’m not from around here.  They are always asking me, “what brings you here?” without me even divulging the information that I’m not from around here.  Small town indeed.  But…it has a Wal-Mart – so it ain’t that small.  No Taco Bell though.  Although…judging from my two and a half hour drive down from Houston, TB is pretty damn popular in this state.  I salute you, Texas!

For whatever reason, project startups and site visits rarely go smooth.  Things just never seem to work out according to plan.  And why, oh why, must the longest days on-site almost always fall on Thursdays (the day I fast)?  Ugh.  I came tantalizingly close to cracking open a soda pop in the control room, but resisted the urge.

I am hoping, no praying, that things go smoother tomorrow.  On my knees, forehead on the floor, and hands clasped together praying that I’ll be able to catch my 4:45pm returning flight tomorrow.  I got a feeling that there will be continued complications tomorrow.  Like I said, this mess rarely goes smoothly.

When I get back, I’m gonna try to do some serious shopping for the new joint.  Since I got a mortgage and all now, I might as well inhabit the joint I’m slicing provolone for.  I mean…it’s the least I can do.

Damn.  The T-Mobile Gods love to rub in how much of their bitch I am.  Not only is my personal cell a T-Mobile phone, but so is my company cell.  And guess what folks?  Drumroll please….I get NO reception on-site at the plant.  Most of our company’s clients are in smaller towns, yet we have T-Mobile as our corporate mobile sponsor.  And Tmobile’s reception in those smaller podunk towns is deplorable.  Sparse at best.

Well, off the record, I like to get kissed before I get fucked.

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