The Olympics

The Olympics

I’m gonna miss the Olympics.  Every four years, I am thoroughly captivated by the Olympic games (especially the Summer Games) and all its events.  I even watched the Trampoline Finals (yes…that is an actual event)…and enjoyed it.  If enough is at stake in an athletic event, I’m one of those cats that may be interested enough to tune in.  And when is more at stake than the Olympics?

Imagine working 4 years (without pay) for 1 moment.  One career and maybe life-defining moment.  I won’t even attempt to imagine the pressure these athletes face.

Maybe having to wait for these events 4 years makes us appreciate it that much more.  Like the World Cup.   After the epic World Cup we witnessed a few summers back, we still have to wait another 2 years for the next world cup.  Has it really been 2 years since the world witnessed the headbutt felt around the world?

I was watching the 100m womens hurdles tonight and watched the excruciating stumble suffered by Lolo Jones on the second to last hurdle as she appeared on her way to gold.   With the slight graze of her leg against the hurdle, her dream was left tattered and broken on the track in the Bird’s Nest in Beijing.  How can you not feel for these athletes?  How can you not sympathize with their failures and celebrate with their success?  But, this is what makes the Olympics what they are.  Overwhelming triumph and devastating despair dramatically intertwine every 4 years.  You cannot script this.  Folks from all corners of the globe come together in pursuit of their Olympic dream.

It’s going to be a long 4 years until London.  I have got to go to an Olympic games in my life before I die.  When they were in Atlanta, I didn’t attend a single event and didn’t think much of it back then.  I now regret that.  I have been throwing around the idea of going to London for the 2012 games with my friends – and I think I want to see that through.

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  1. correction on some points. they do get paid for those in-between years. actually, contrary to conventional wisdom, these athletes compete year-round. they have national tournaments, international meets, etc. it’s not like they sit around for 4 years, waiting for their moment to shine at the olympics; that’s apparently what everybody else is doing (waiting every four years, that is).

    also, though i always enjoy the olympics, the only thing i watch with any regularity is gymnastics and basketball. sometimes i’ll watch track and when there’s a storyline, i’ll watch swimming. all that other shit, i’ll pass on. just because it has the “olympic” brand, does not make it must-see tv by any means.

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