Quite Possibly the Best Veggie Sandwich

Quite Possibly the Best Veggie Sandwich

The Vortex

It was unexpected.  It was delicious.

It was quite possibly the best veggie sandwich I have ever had.  Now, mind you this, this mind-blowingly satisfying sandwich wasn’t consumed during some drunken excursion or during my weekly Thursday fast.  I was not under the influence of alcohol nor starving hunger.  Hey, we’ve all had our moments – at least I know I have.  This wasn’t some preposterous declaration of 3 Eggs and Cheese excellence after stumbling into Waffle House at 4am. This was straight up legitimate.

My only regret is that I didn’t have my camera with me.  I’ve endlessly persecuted myself and pillaged my own dignity over the past 24 hours in shame of my point-and-shoot absent-mindedness.

Now that I’ve swooned enough (someone please fan me) over “quite possibly the best veggie sandwich ever”, I’m sure you folks are dying to know where I consumed this inspiringly gratifying sammich.

I gastronomically threw down at The Vortex after going to the Braves game yesterday with my cousin.   I swear to you, we were sitting behind Ricky Bobby’s illegitimate children.  They was coun-try.  The kept telling the Braves backup catcher Clint Sammons to “stop swinging”.  Even though the pitches were coming straight down the middle of the plate.  It was hilarious.

Anyways, my cousin was looking forward to the Vortex’s turkey chili while I just wanted to see if they still had the Southwestern Eggrolls I consumed years ago (they didn’t).  My cousin ended up ordering the Plain Ol’ Burger with a side of Turkey Chilil while I ordered the Vortex Veggie Melt with a side of Veggie Chili.  Get a towel folks…prepare to drool:

“Your choice of a plain or black bean veggie patty, served on grilled rye, topped with sautéed mushrooms,
honey mustard dressing, provolone cheese, roasted red pepper, sweet red onion and tomato.

Obviously, it sounds damn good.  Wait did I say damn good?  How about fuhgedabboutit friggin’ good.  But execution is always the key.  And boy oh boy did they execute.

The chili came with a side of jalapeno cornbread.  The crispy jalapeno bread was in the shape of a rectangle and appeared to be made from scratch.  It was an unexpected and tasty accompaniment to the chilli.

The sandwich itself was flavorful enough that I didn’t have to put any extra condiments on it.  I ate it the way it was served to me – no performance enhancing supplements needed.  No ketchup, no mustard, no nada.  If you’re a vegetarian (and enjoy veggie patties), you will enjoy this.  If you’re envious of how friggin’ cool we vegetarian cats are and want to find out what all the enviable fuss is about, then you’ll enjoy it too.

I’m pretty sure I’m exaggerating the sandwich’s excellence a bit, but it was great.  To even call it good would be an embarrassing understatement.

On an Olympic note, the hostage situation is over.  Michael Phelps has finished all of his swimming meets.  He literally held the entire Olympics and all some-odd billions of folks captive while he annihilated the Olympic record books.  8 golds in 8 events.  Wow.  I think it is impossible to put that in its relevant and respectful perspective right now.  But we all witnessed history that may never be made again. I’m sure some other aquatic cat will come along in the future and contend with Phelps’ legacy, but that ain’t happenin’ for a minute.

To be perfect?  Wow.  It was Jordanesque dare I say.  Jordan never lost an NBA Finals, and at these Olympics games, Phelps refused to lose a single race.    This beast of a man broke 7 World Records in 8 events!  Seven!  Siete!  Saat!  Damn.

Nearly a week away from my expected closing date and my loan still hasn’t been closed.  Uh oh.  Anxiety and trepidation are knocking on my door, tapping at my window, and whispering in my ear.  It doesn’t help that I have a “wait ’til the other shoe drops” mentality either.  I’m afraid to do anything related to my new joint in fear of jinxing the whole thing.   I’ll be immensely relieved when all this is over.  I’m keeping every limb on my body crossed in hopes of a positive resolution to all this.

It is irrefutably admirable how peaceful religious folks are.  I went to the Hare Krishna Mandir (temple) on Ponce last week to pay respect to a departed cousin on his birthday.  Hare Krishnas always seem to emanate a transcendental demeanor of peace and spiritual harmony.  There is something to be said about folks who have attained some sort of spiritual serenity and understanding.  Will I ever be able to reach the spiritual pinnacle that those folks have?  I don’t know and oddly enough, I don’t know if I want to.  But, I still have the utmost respect for those folks.

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