Been a Minute . . .

Been a Minute . . .

So…it’s been a minute since I’ve last written (at least by my haphazard standards).

Per the request of a loyal reader of this mierda de palabras, I write…

Things have been a little fervent over the past few weeks.  This whole “getting-your-grown-man-on” thing has taken its toll.  All of the past week was spent on back and forth banter between my mortgage lender and myself.  Apparently, “The Man” wants folks like you and me to invest in residential properties, but the catch is that they are actually making it more difficult to buy.  The downturn in the housing market has scared off a lot of lenders, most of which are now requesting borrowers to slice more provolone for a down payment.

So, with that being said, I faced some issues in finding a decent lender.  Even with excellent credit and a decent job, it was slim pickings for me.  But, I found one lender who was willing to work with me and hopefully, within a week, my loan will be closed and I will be good to go.  I still have my occasional episodes of buyer’s remorse, but I think I am comfortable with my decision.  That whole “biggest financial decision of my life” thing still raises a sense of trepidation in me.

Now on to the fun part:  furnishing the joint.  Only catch is that I HATE shopping (Lord knows I rotate through the same 5-7 polos every week).

I’m gonna have to throw some sort of apparatuses in my living room.  I’m looking to buy a sofa set, a decent flat screen telly, and a dining table.  I’ll probably throw in a coffee table or something too.  After I complete the living space setup, I think I’ll hang a few paintings and/or photos and maybe a few statues or artistic adornments.  I think I want to get one large painting that I can hang in my living room.  Maybe something that’s 3-5 feet wide.  I’ve seen it in a few condos that I looked at, and it seems to work.  But it’s gotta be something different; something that will stand out.  Nothing corny nor cliche.  No sunsets, rivers, or those paintings with a word written below them.

Really?  A sunset protruding through grassy hills with the word “Peace” written in size 72 font is supposed to give me some sense of serenity?  Uh, no.  I’ll pass.  Very unoriginal.

If any of you folks know of any sites or galleries where I can find some decent art that won’t break the bank, then let me know.

I went maybe 10 years without having to go to a funeral, but have had to go to two in the past couple of months.  Our fragility has never been more apparent to me than now.

A few weeks back me and a few folks went to Savannah to visit a cousin of mine who is finishing up his Masters in film.  Savannah – what a great town.  I am smitten with the town of Savannah.  It is so peaceful and beautiful.  Driving down to Savannah has become an annual tradition of sorts the past 4 or 5 years and that town has increasingly grown on me every year.  We even rolled through an adjacent city named Thunderbolt.  That has got to be by far the coolest city name I have ever heard – hands down without an argument.

Most of our time was spent on the patio of Tubby’s – a local bar/joint next to the river in Savannah.  Tubby’s is definitely in my top list of bars that I’ve been to.   Peep this:  they had a patio with rocking chairs on it.  Rocking chairs!  So, we had no choice but to perch our arthritic and lackadaisical asses on those chairs.  OMC (Old Man Clique) indeed.  You know how when you sit in a hot tub, you don’t want to get up because you are so damn comfortable?  That’s how I felt about those rocking chairs.  I have got to get me one of those in the near future.

It was good times.  I even got a compliment on my Bata sandals (Finally!  Someone who appreciates the masterpiece of craftmanship that is sandals) from a guy who swore he “would never go back to India”.  Apparently he was in the coast guard or marines and docked in India at some point.  Must not have been too pleasant an experience.  The whole squatting to go number two thing must’ve gotten to him.  But, the man clearly has refined taste.

Most of the weekend we just chilled.  We weren’t in a rush to go anywhere or do anything.  We just hung out, cracked jokes on one another, and occasionally sipped on a Shock Top or two.  Arthritic degenerates we were.

Sometime this week, I will write about this thing called an FTA (Free-To-Air) receiver.   It is GENIUS.  I mean this.  It allows you to bootleg the hell out of satellite cable – without paying a monthly premium.  All you day is pay for the receiver and do a small bit of technical finagling and you are good to go.  Once set up properly, you can view over 200+ channels for free. We’re talking everything from local channels to pay per view.  FREE.  All you have to pay for is the receiver (which runs at around $100).  My only regret is that I didn’t find out about this earlier.  I will post something about this soon.  As opposed to these nonsensical and irrelevant posts, the FTA post could actually prove useful for all you bootleggers out there (you know who you are).  Bootlegging Zindabad!

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  1. Why not paint your own or get the original Old Man to do some art work for you? 🙂 I don’t think that he would mind.

    or, yanno… si quieres, puedo tomar fotos para ti. Se que el calidad de mis fotos no están profesionales a hora, pero puedo tomar fotos por gratis si quieres originales. O puedo te referir a un sitio de web en donde puedes encontrar fotos que están muy bonitos… lo siento, pero no se cuantos cuestan.

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