Yes, Quicken Loans Deserve to Die . . .

Yes, Quicken Loans Deserve to Die . . .

Yes, Quicken Loans deserve to die…and I hope they burn in HELL!

Can you sense my incendiary fury and contemptible rage at Quicken Loans?  Throughout the past week, I’ve talked to maybe 20 different mortgage lenders in search of the best rates and overall loan package.  Seeing that Quicken Loans is the #1 online mortgage lender, I figured it was more than logical to give them a buzz and see what they got going on over there.

Bad decision.

And to call back again?

Even worse decision.

I guess Bush was right, “Fool me once…shame on you…fool me again…”.  Right off the bat, I sensed a little arrogance from their representative on the other line.  I wasn’t feeling their rates, so I told them that I would check out other lenders first.  Then, another rep contacted me and started to harass me about signing with Quicken.  But, here was the catch – they wanted a $500 deposit before they could even give me a good faith estimate.  Almost every single lender provides a free good faith estimate, so that struck me as highly unusual – and shady.

A good faith estimate basically gives you a rough idea as to what the cost and fees associated with your loan will be at the time of closing.  So, I told the lady that there was no way I was going to pay $500 for something that every other lender provides for free.  So, rather than accepting that and moving on, she continued to pester me about my apprehension to pay the deposit.  She insisted that she would find the best deal for me and encouraged me to cease worrying about the deposit. Maybe I should’ve just told her right then and there that I’m guju, then maybe she would’ve gotten the friggin’ picture and given up.  But…I, in my finite wisdom, didn’t do so and let her ramble on incessantly for 15 minutes.

Some reps foolhardily think that by babbling on and on and on, the customer will actually think they are more knowledgeable.  Wrong.  At least not me.

I actually think that you are more of an ignorant and annoying dumbfuck if you talk more.  They tried to back me into a corner with information I already knew.  So, I finally got off the phone with her and decided that they weren’t the right fit for me.

For some reason, a few days later, I called back to inquire about what their most recent rates were.  Once again, they weren’t all that great.  So, after denying to pay that $500 deposit again, the rep started to get pushy.  She even went so far as to say that if I wasn’t sure about procuring a mortgage loan with them, that I was “wasting their time” and that they “sign 40 or 50 new loans a day”.  I then told her how I thought that Quicken reps were pushy and rude, and she responded by saying, “well…why did you call us back then?”.

Are you absolutely friggin’ shitting me?

This is a CUSTOMER representative…with the key word being CUSTOMER!  I was so pissed off, shocked, and frustrated, that I didn’t even pop off like I wish I would have.  I just told her bye and hung up the phone.  I think I was flummoxed by how rude she was.  I didn’t know how to react to it.

I can tolerate many things, but I cannot, in no way, shape, or form tolerate those that try to belittle me or talk down to me.  Don’t talk to me like I’m some kind of idiot.  DO NOT use fear mongering as a technique to coerce me to do something asinine.  That shit is like an ostrich to me – it don’t fly.

I googled “Quicken complaints” afterwards and noticed that there were a bunch of people who felt the same way about Quicken as I did.  They are arrogant, pushy, and even rude.  These exact sentiments were echoed by hundreds of folks online.  I have no idea how they became the #1 online lender. Alls I knows is that I will not be contributing to their success.  How a company that arrogant, rude, and disrespectful to its customers has thrived is beyond me.  Maybe some folks don’t give a shit how they are treated, but I do.  I know that my loan is pennies in comparison to the jumbo loans they offer up to investors, but still, treat me like a grown ass man.  Them risking the loss of my loan may not mean much to them, but this is the biggest financial decision of my life – so at least try to give a shit.  At least fake it ’til you make it.  But to act like an indifferent asshole belittling customers?  That shit just ain’t right.

Need I say more about Quicken Loans?  I implore you to give them the cold shoulder or bear the frustrating repercussions of dealing with them.  Go McGruff the Crime Dog on that ass and “Just Say No”.

I’m about to go Smokey The Bear on your ass and tell you that “Only you can prevent Quicken from staying in business”.

Do the right thing…and stay the hell away from Quicken Loans.

In closing, to reiterate my opening statement:

Yes, Quicken Loans deserve to die…and I hope they burn in HELL!

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  1. Damn homie…so you see how it is when you are just so flabbergasted that you dont know how to respond, just like a…wtf????? o_0

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