Bravo Fellas . . . Bravo

Bravo Fellas . . . Bravo

Federer and Nadal.  If you were unfortunate enough to either miss this match or not give enough of a shit to tune in, then you missed a classic.  How privileged are we to have back to back classics two years in a row in the Wimbledon Finals?  Has Roger Federer abdicated the throne of “best player in the world” to Rafael Nadal? I don’t know if he’s abdicated it just yet, but Rafa seems to be mounting a serious coup to overthrow the King of Tennis.  I don’t know if I’m ready just yet to count out Roger Federer, but Rafael Nadal has made significant headway in the discussion for the title of “world’s best player”.  In such a quick time, he has smoothly transitioned from an unbeatable clay court legend to a grass court phenomenon.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a player transition so quickly and efficiently from one surface to another.  If he can build on this Wimbledon victory, he can join Federer as one of the best players EVER in the history of tennis.  He has that much potential.  We may actually be watching two of the greatest players in the history of tennis.  Federer is already one of the all-time greats, but can Rafa join him?  If he continues to improve, I don’t see why not.  Crazy, huh?

What a couple of weeks for the Spaniards!  From winning Euro 2008 to winning Wimbledon.  Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole!…Ole! Ole!…Crazy.  Plus, they had Pau Gasol in the NBA Finals.  It seems as though the Spaniards have finally wooed Lady Luck.  The 5 set nail-biting match between the nos. 1 and 2 players in the world was an instant classic.  I really thought Nadal was going to embarrass Federer on the surface he supposedly owned and was unbeatable on.  After 2 sets, Nadal had a commanding 2-Love lead on Federer and seemed poised to end Federer’s misery as soon as possible.  But, amidst rain delays and tie-breakers, Federer methodically found a way to win the next two sets and send the match to a decisive 5th set.  Both players made tremendous shots to save serve and keep the match going.  Rafa didn’t choke up the 2 set lead, Federer simply showed the grit and determination of a champion unwilling to relinquish his title.  Both showed major huevos.  Trust me on this, Roger Federer is not done – and will be heard from again.  Tennis Gods, if you are listening right now, please match these two up in the finals of every Grand Slam for the next few years or so.  They are playing on an entirely different and superior level than anyone else right now.

Too many people think that Federer’s time has passed.  I will agree that 2008 has not been his best year, but he made it to the Semifinals of the Australian with Mononucleosis and the Finals at the French and Wimbledon.  He has set standards so high for himself that anything short of another Grand Slam title is a failure.  But, believe you me, he will be back.  He is not washed up and past his prime.  I refuse to overreact to this loss.  But, congrats to Rafa on winning the Wimbledon.  He and Federer are two refreshingly humble and classy ambassadors for the sport of tennis.  Whenever Rafa beats Roger, it almost seems as though he is ashamed to have beaten him.  His humility is as unprecedented as Federer’s class is in the world of sports.  Hopefully, we will be able to witness more breathtakingly unforgetabble matches between these two fierce rivals in the future.  Bravo fellas…Bravo.  If this doesn’t reinvigorate the tennis consciousness of America, then I don’t know what will.

How come seemingly every time I wear my impeccably fashionable Bata sandals outside, it rains?  How come when I want to sit outside at a restaurant, the weather doesn’t cooperate?  This strikes me as odd (and cruelly ironic).  But, like the stubborn curmudgeon that I am, I will keep on keepin’ on with my sandals and my propensity to stuff my face outside.  I seem to handle rejection well enough.

I’ve been busy the last few weeks getting my geek on with my website, so I haven’t been as prolific a blogger as I normally am.  But, I think that I’m done stumbling and bumbling around with my site – well…for now at least.  You know me though…I get distracted very easily…so if i come across some other intriguing site modification, I might go AWOL again.  I ain’t exactly Tupac…but I’ll try to be as prolific.

I went to my cousin’s wedding last weekend.  It was a Hindu-Muslim wedding, so, not surprisingly, the Muslim girl’s family was not present.  I’m not generalizing here, but sometimes, brown people cease to amaze me. I would like to say that I was shocked, disappointed, and angry about her nonexistent family presence at the wedding, but I wasn’t in the least bit.  Brown folks can be the kindest human beings on the face of the earth at times, but at other times, they can be the most vindictive, stubborn, and ignorant.  It is a Catch-22 that I haven’t fully accepted or figured out yet.

I reiterate, not a single person from her family.  Ain’t that a bitch?  I think our family did a decent enough job of welcoming her to the family and not making things awkward though.  That was good to see.  I didn’t exactly know how some of my family would respond to having her in our family.  They still might say things behind her back, but at least they showed some class at the wedding.  I can respect that.  They could’ve just as easily acted indifferent or unapproving, but they didn’t.  For that, I applaud them.  I think she desperately needed a positive display of emotions.  She seemed a little overwhelmed by everything, but she took it all in stride.  It is hard enough getting married, but doing it alone with no family support?  That is a burden I can’t imagine.  I think that I give my family a hard time sometimes when it comes to certain things, but overall, we have each other’s back.  We ain’t perfect, but we manage.

I think that it especially helps that most of the cousins in our family are very close.  I always told my cousins that we have to pick up the slack when we get older.  We have to ensure that our families stay close and that we perpetuate the family traditions we’ve grown accustomed to over the years.  I think that I have taken for granted how close we cousins have become over the years.  When you see each other all the time, you tend to overlook how unique that certain relationship is.  The thing is, I want my other cousins to step up and take that responsibility on in the future too.  I don’t want to be the only one congregating folks all the time.  Family is important and I hope we can always stay close and in touch with each other’s lives.

One thing I have gotten tired of is the perpetual need for me to be the “life of the party”.  I guess I’m kind of sort of like “Fun Bobby” of the TV show “Friends” to my family.  I am the most outgoing cousin in the family and people always expect me to fill that role.  If they need someone to dance or get folks going, they look at me.  If they need a speech to be made, they look at me.  It bugs me that no one else ever steps up.  I mean, it seems like all my cousins are more introverted than me.  I mean, I like having that responsibility, but sometimes, you just want to blend in.  You don’t always want to be the focal point.  But, I guess everyone fills a certain role in their families, and that would be mine.  I always wondered why I am more outgoing than my other cousins.  I am the exception to the rule it seems.

It’s 11:50 pm and I have to drop my boy off at the airport manana por la manana a las cinco…so….I’m gonna snatch me some zzzz’s…

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