I’ve been considerably AWOL the past few weeks because I have been working on my website.  There are some things I’ve been wanting to post (some thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc.), but I’ve been modifying my website.  I have been finagling around with some of the code and some of the other stuff.  I think in the near future, I will post something related to creating a website and modifying a website.  I am no savvy web designer, so I think my rudimentary suggestions and advice could help out a lot of beginner web designers.  There are a lot of things I’ve learned over the past 6 months while I’ve been maintaining this site.  I will share this with you cool cats soon enough.

Stay tuned.

Here’s a “what-the-hell-happened-to-you?” moment for you folks:  I have my moments where I’d rather flip around with my site than go out.  Am I that much of a geek or have I grown that tired of the shenanigans of the twilight scene?  I’m not certain, but I’m sure the truth lies somewhere in between.

I should take some web design courses…or at least devote myself seriously to learning more about web design.  I have a working knowledge of php, java, html, etc., but not enough to do something serious with it.  It’s kind of like when you have a psuedo working knowledge of another language, yet not enough to be fluent.  You know that if you invested more time into it, you could be fluent, but you are satisified at having a mediocore grasp of that language.  I know just enough to be able to modify code and make minor changes.  I need to further delve into this.

One other thing, if you find this website reasonably satiable to your recreational palate, then share this site with your friends, folks, associates, etc.  If you so feel inclined, spread the word.

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