Net Neutrality and Saving the Internet

Net Neutrality and Saving the Internet

Save The Internet

There is this thing I read about recently called net neutrality.  Net neutrality is basically the idea that the internet is open to everyone.  That means any user can go to any website they choose, regardless of their ISP (Internet Service Provider).  Believe it or not, ISPs are trying to make the internet like Cable TV (which makes sense because most of the internet conglomerates are cable companies).  What I mean by that is that they want to start offering packages like they do on cable.  An example would be a sports package that would only allow you to view sports related content on the internet.  The websites would be restricted (i.e.,,, etc.).  So, if you had that sports package, you wouldn’t be allowed to view sites such as,, or even this one (www.letitmarinate.comI Am Shameless Promotion).  Look at the picture below for a rough idea.

Net Neutrality

From a business perspective, it makes all the sense in the world for cable companies to regulate the content we are allowed access to.  They will break beacoup bread if they can somehow accomplish this.  For an internet user though, if this idea comes to fruition, we will have our figurative shit pushed in by the cable companies.  The greatness of the internet is the freedom we users have to go to whatever site we want to at whatever time.  If this evil, and I mean EVIL, idea comes to pass, then I will be livid and incomprehensibly IRATE.  We must not stand for this.  A bill was even presented in congress to bring this anarchic idea to reality, but thankfully, it hasn’t yet been passed.  We can in no way allow this to happen.

There is a website that is speaking out on behalf of the little guys (that would be you, me, and every other Joe Schmo that uses the internet).  That website is  I normally don’t give a damn or a proverbial flip about what other folks do, but I implore those interested in maintaing their world wide web of sanity to check out that site.  I refuse to let “the man” take the internet away from us too.  Uncle Sam has no idea who he is messing with.

2 thoughts on “Net Neutrality and Saving the Internet

  1. that’s pretty damn interesting. kind of ass backwards for them to give you all-access plans for all these years, and then to limit your use after? not sure if that would work in today’s market. who would pay for that? if all the current ISP’s fall in line and charge the same way, some new ones will come and take over. the free market is the great defender here, but i wouldn’t even want it to get that far, so i guess i support the cause as well.

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