The Fox 3.0

The Fox 3.0

Firefox 3.0

Firefox 3.0 was just released this past week.  For all those folks who don’t know not a damn nada about Firefox, you are sorely missing out.

I’ve experimented with all the different browsers (Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, Netscape, etc.) and have found that Mozilla Firefox is the best.  It definitely has the best platform for applications and add-ons.  There are so many developed extensions and themes that help you personalize The Fox.

I haven’t had enough time just yet to really finagle and meander through this new 3.0 version, but so far, so good.

For those folks who exclusively have been using Internet Crapxplorer, Firefox is a must.  Once you’re down with The Fox, you’ll see how much of a better browser it is.

You can add a ton of extensions ranging from language translations to word definitions to integrated chat (Meebo, for example).   Plus, it does an exceptional job of blocking spyware and pop-ups.

Give it a go and download it here.

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