Creaky Back, Social Security Collecting 25 Year Old

Creaky Back, Social Security Collecting 25 Year Old

Never have I felt more like a creaky back, social security collecting 25 year old than I did last night at Club Europe. This club has been around for a while, yet I had never been until last night. I’m actually pretty damn glad I went last night, because now I know where NOT to go.

First off, this club is open to 18+ folks. That alone set off a loud alarm in my head, but I figured that I might be selling this place short, so after repeated coercing by my cousin, I decided to go and get my R. Kelly on. You know there are a lot of young folks in a joint when next to nobody is at the bar. I guess it’s kind of hard to purchase a drink while you’re still in high school. Needless to say, it was a waste of $15, but at least the DJ played a decent enough set. And good Lord, do these teeny boppers make up for their inability to drink by smoking? My head hurt from the smoke. Like I said before, unless I go with a large group of folks, clubbing just doesn’t resonate like it used to. I think I’ve got a case of the been-there-done-that-itis.

The best part of yesterday was the pub we went to in downtown Decatur preceding the club. The name of the joint was Brick Store Pub. They have over 100 different types of beer brews – much of which you can’t find anywhere else in Atlanta – and the brewskis are relatively cheap. I ordered a savory 16oz German brew for 4 bucks. That is pretty damn good, especially considering that some joints charge 4 bucks for a 12oz bottle of Miller Lite. I will definitely be returning to this place. This pub was a great place to just come hang out with some folks and meet other folks. We struck up a conversation with a married couple who owned a home in Decatur. They even invited us to sit at their table and grab dinner with them. Like I said, a decent place to fraternize with folks. I will be going back.

Today, I am off to Creative Loafing’s Beerfest in Woodruff Park in Downtown. They will offer samplings of over 120 different brews. They are even doing a thing called Beerlympics where they will host different events like flip cup, beer pong, etc. This sounds cool enough. I’ll post up pics in a few days.

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  1. Hey, so….you want to take me to that place when I get back in town? Word on the street is that Kells is free. And since they 18…why the hell not? I thought you didnt have to pay if you were older than 21? O well, Ill still roll with cha, not feeling the smoke inside the clubs, but then again, I have had my fun with the youngns trying to act old :D….DC man…DC!!!

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