Moving On

Moving On

Wow. How about that Lakers’ choke job we witnessed last night? Wow. They were up by 20 – TWENTY! – in the middle of the 3rd quarter and they ended up losing by 6. From playing like the champs to bums in less than 20 minutes – that is what championship caliber defense can do to a team.

I have to say, as a Lakers fan, I am extremely disappointed. I wanted Kobe to validate his greatness by winning his 4th championship (and 1st without Shaq), but it apparently isn’t meant to be. Now, they are down 3-1 and, needless to say, no team has ever come back from that deficit in the NBA Finals. So, in other words, wait ’til next year. Boston is just the better team. Plain and simple. There is no way they are going to lose 3 consecutive games – their defense is too damn good to allow that to happen. Offense goes in slumps, but not defense. So, Kobe will have to wait another year to cement his legacy. Hats off to Boston – they deserve to reach the pinnacle of their sport. I’m glad that KG, Pierce, and Allen will finally win their 1st NBA titles. They deserve it.

And enough with the unfair Kobe-MJ comparisons. MJ would have NEVER let his team blow a 24-point lead. No defense could stop MJ. Kobe is great in his own right, but the next MJ he is not. Michael could will his team to victory, no matter how they played. Kobe has the ability to do that, just not as frequently and successfully as MJ. Like I said, enough with the comparisons.

I think that the loss of my cousin still hasn’t completely settled in yet. “If not by now, then when?”, I wonder. Whenever I receive a call from my moms now, I am nervous and unsettled anticipating some bad news. I don’t know why, but I will NEVER forget the phone call my mother made to me the day the tragedy happened. Fleeting trepidation is what I feel now sometimes when I see my moms name pop up on the caller ID. I have become accustomed to the uneasiness I feel every time (almost every day) I drive by the bridge where he took his last breaths and decided to take his own life.

My moms still shakes her head in disbelief. She just can’t understand why such a great person decided to depart so early from us. A lot of people I know wonder the same thing and cannot grasp any reasoning that can ease the pain and suffering.

I got nothing.

How can rationality and reasoning be sufficed in tragedies like these? There is nothing that can alleviate the pain. No reasoning or explanation can be found. I don’t think faith comforts well in the aftermath of suicide, at least not for me. The one thing I have vowed to myself in the wake of this tragedy is to keep an eye out for those closest to me who have been emotionally devastated the most. A close cousin of mine has had a hard time dealing with this and I want to be there as much as possible for him. Ankit, my cousin, and I formed the inseparable 3 amigos. We were around Ankit more than anyone – and that is why I think my cousin is having such a difficult time dealing with this. He, like myself, is trying to keep his mind off of it. It seems though that he is having less success. I constantly remind myself that we are all in this together. I think that I have reached a measure of closure with this episode and I want to be able to help others get to that same point. I don’t want to help others forget, I just want to help them move on.

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