I am admittedly not good at these things. Eloquence seems to evade me at times like these.

This is still a surreal moment for me. Ankit had become a permanent fixture in my life. He was one of the few people I could always rely on. If you ever needed anything from him, he would be there. If you ever needed him to be anywhere, he would be there. He was as selfless as he was caring.

His absence will leave a painful void in my life.

When exactly did reality end and tragedy begin? I’m not sure. I think that these past few days have been a significantly tragic blur in the lens of all our lives. I am still emotionally numb from the initial shock of this unfortunate episode. I don’t exactly know how to feel, what to feel, or even if I want to feel right now.

I mean, what can one say in situations like this? I mean, whatever pain I feel is entirely insignificant compared to the pain and suffering his family is going through. I feel like the only thing I can do is speak of the person that Ankit was – to highlight the many positive imprints he left on the lives of others. Instead of mourning the life he could have had, I’ve chosen to celebrate the life he had.

Ankit was such a laid back person. He rarely got upset. It just wasn’t in his nature to be malicious or cruel to others. He was one of the most pure-hearted people I knew. He was the kind of guy that everyone got along with – that everyone liked. He always had a way of resonating positively with people.

I will remember him for many things, among which are:

His affinity for Taco Bell and Mexican Restaurants. Anyone who knows him knows this. He was absolutely enamored with tostadas – but who could really blame him? They are delicious. We even joked that we would open a Taco Bell in India one day. I still remember the days when we would take the 37 bus from his dorm on the Georgia Tech Campus to eat at Taco Bell.

His ability to answer every single question with a simple, “Fa Sho.” He might as well have tattooed those words on his forehead.

His humility. He never thought himself to be better than anyone. He was always able to laugh at himself and put things in perspective. What you saw was always what you got with Ankit – and I loved that about him. He was as simple as he was humble.

His devotion to his family and friends. He spoke often to me of how much he cared for his family. His family was his top priority – and he tried his best to enhance the lives of those closest to him. If there was any sort of family gathering, you could be sure to almost always see Ankit there. I can’t even remember how many times he made the hour long drive to my house in Lawrenceville just to hang out.

I have a thousand other great memories of Ankit, but clarity escapes me right now. We lost an indescribably special person this past Monday. Words just don’t seem to suffice.

The pain we feel now is a testament to how amazing of a person Ankit was.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family. We must all help one another move on past this.

Ankit, I love you and will miss you. Eni karji rakjo Bhagavan.

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