An Equivalence of Rights – Gay Marriage

An Equivalence of Rights – Gay Marriage

Yesterday (Thursday the 15th of April), the California Supreme court ruled 4-3 that same sex marriages should be allowed in the state of California. I am not all that surprised by this ruling. California always seems to be the leader in liberal legislation and programs. They often set the precedents that other states follow.

Needless to say, a lot of folks are irate about this ruling. They declare it unconstitutional and blasphemous. They decree that it is a direct sign pointing to the degradation of American morals and values. To me, most of this reeks as perfunctory hypocrisy. When it seems to be convenient, people dust off their bibles and quote the good word to justify their hypocritical viewpoints. I understand that in the bible it says that marriage should be between a “man and a woman”, but doesn’t the bible also explicitly state that we shouldn’t consume alcohol and have pre-marital sex? When did the bible become the absolute legislative ruler of our society? I mean, whether you agree with homosexuality or not, it is prevalent throughout this country and throughout the globe. I mean, I know it isn’t the same, but it kind of sort of reminds me of the lower classes in India and of the way some women are treated in the middle east. These groups of people are disallowed basic rights and are made to be outcasts in society.

I don’t necessarily agree with homosexuality, but I do feel that gay folks deserve the same rights that we have. I mean, they made a choice that most of society disagrees with….and?  Big hoo-hah. I heard something somewhere that was both funny and made a lot of sense: “If gay people want to go ahead and get married and be as miserable as the rest of us heterosexual married folks – then by all means, let them”. I mean, it was a joke, but I kind of share that point. Not about the whole misery thing, but more about the equivalence in rights among all Americans. The thing is, being gay is a victim less “crime”, so besides you being repulsed or deeply offended by it, no one suffers any physical harm as a consequence of it. I think gays are probably the most persecuted minority in this country today. I know black folks have it bad, and so do brown folks in the aftermath of 9/11, but at least they have the same basic rights as everyone else. Gays are already playing with a limited deck when they sit down at the table.

I don’t know, but I think that in the past I was less accepting of the alternative lifestyle choice that some people make, but over the years I’ve become more open and liberal about my perspective on this. I have encountered quite a few gay people over the years and have gradually re-evaluated my initial beliefs. Let the gay folks have the same basic rights that we all do. Let them marry. I mean, if you are offended by homosexual couples, why would you be more offended if they marry? I mean, if they don’t marry, they will just stay together forever practically married, so what difference does it make if they have that official label as “husband and husband” or “wife and wife”? I can understand the religious repercussions of this ruling by the California Supreme Court, but what else would you have us do as a country? Continue to persecute homosexuals because of their lifestyle choice? Whatever happened to the “content of their character”?

I guess if I was approaching this from a more religious vantage point, then maybe I would feel differently. I mean, I am religious, but just not deeply. If God is truly the final judge of everything, shouldn’t you let Him decide whether gays deserve salvation or not? Whether they deserve to go to heaven? Again, let me reiterate, being gay is a victim less societal “crime”. So, why can’t they just live their lives in peace?

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