The Honeymoon is Over

The Honeymoon is Over

So…I’ve had a month off from traveling (at least for business) and I’ve kind of sort of gotten accustomed to actually being able to reside in the very dwelling on which I pay rent on every month. But….

I was told today that I would be needed on-site for a lignite-fired plant in Tatum, Texas called Martin Lake.  I don’t even know what lignite is – all I’ve ever worked with are coal-fired power plants.  They might as well have sent me to Bumblefuck City in Boondocks County – because that’s where it seems like the plant is located. I will be flying in to Dallas-Fort Worth Airport and then driving 2 hours to the hotel closest to the site. But….for once a good but….I will only be there a couple of days. I will be flying back to the A on Thursday morning. I think that the folks here at my new job are pretty slammed right now with work-related obligations. I think that a few people went all Prestige on that ass and disappeared – so a lot of folks here are having to complete unfinished projects. I’m going on-site fairly uniformed and uninitiated, so this should be interesting. And, I’m going to be the only company representative on-site, so kudos to my employer for placing me smack dab in the middle of an awkward situation.

We are going to review over the project details and what I need to do while I’m out there later on today. This, my friends, very well may not go smoothly. 2 weeks on the job and they are already sending me out alone on a job I haven’t even worked a single minute on. Whatever happened to breaking me in slowly? They sure didn’t wait long to pop my cherry, huh? Ahhh…these last minute notices about traveling…you gotta love engineering, huh?

I have a feeling that Tatum, Texas will make Chester, VA look like New York Friggin’ City.

It seems as though I’m going to have to make all my travel plans by the end of today because I will be flying out Monday afternoon. I was hoping that they handled all of that for us, but it doesn’t appear so. Actually, their travel policies are very similar to Microconfusion, so it shouldn’t be that difficult of an adjustment.

My month hiatus from being a professional nomad was refreshing and welcome. Now, it’s time to hit the road again. The honeymoon is over.

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  1. Damn son. Well, I hope they train you right. You seem smart enough, but if all goes wrong, and you have no clue, just make sure you fake it till you make it. BTW…about lignite..its like coal, but less energy producing…

    Everytime you try to get out, they just keep pulling you back in.!

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