First off, last night I created an event invitation on Facebook for a shindig my roommate and I are throwing at the crib on May 31. I don’t think I’ve ever actually thrown a house party, so this is a first for me. I’m just hoping that folks will show up. I think that if you have a decent amount of folks simultaneously populating a joint, then you don’t really need much else except a little drank and muzak. I’m actually a little excited about hosting this little fiesta of ours.

A sidenote: I have now added a forum to my website and a photo gallery. Either of these can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link on the sidebar to the right. I’ll dress them up a little more later, but for now, it is what it is. Feel free to start a discussion on whatever you feel so inclined to on the forum.

Wheat pasta is wiggity wiggity wack son. It is straight gahbage. I can’t explain the taste, but it has an subtlety abrasive texture. It feels like it is scratching your throat during the course of consumption. And, it’s not even that good – so I think that wheat pasta is temporarily thrown out of my rotation. Get-the-fug-outta-here!

I have been reading “Into the Wild” and am not that impressed. I mean, the real life story of the character is intriguing, but the book itself isn’t that great. I will probably finish it in time; perusing through a page or two every now and then when I situate myself on my porcelain bff, but I’ve already ordered A Thousand Splendid Suns, so “Into the Wild” will be taking a back seat shortly. I’m starting to wonder if I should reconsider the whole “read the book rather than watch the movie” theory I developed a few months back. Maybe movies sometimes are better than the books they are based on. I only say this because I heard that the “Into the Wild” movie is pretty damn captivating and that the “The Namesake” was a surprisingly good movie too. Hmmm…

A year ago, I paid $20 to buy a CPU Heatsink for the computer that I built. Yesterday, I had to ship it’s defective ass back out to the manufacturer to get a replacement. I paid a non-reimbursable $7 to ship it back out. I probably could’ve just bought a new one for like $10-$15. The things we do out of principle – and out of the fact that I’m so Guju. If only pani-puri wasn’t so deeply ingrained in my blood.

Last week I received 2 projects that I will get to work on over the course of the next few months. I have pretty much completed the first one (I simply had to make a few modifications on a previously existing project) and started reviewing the project details on the 2nd one yesterday. I haven’t exactly been uber diligent at work since I’ve started, but I’ve been keeping up on my projects – and for now, that should be sufficient. It’s kind of hard not to let my mind wander, or more appropriately, my fingers wander sometimes over the keyboard to surf the gnarley waves of the internet. It’s an inclination that I have to fight hard sometimes. I think that I am too damn curious a Clancy to not surf the internet. Anytime a thought pops into my head, I’ll surf the internet to get more information on it. For example, last night I was talking to my roommate about making some hunch punch for our 531 bash, so what did I do when I got in the office this morning? Looked up some hunch punch recipes on the internet (what? I’ve never made it before…I had to look somewhere).

This race for the Democratic candidacy has to end. I mean, Hillary Clinton mathematically has no legitimate shot at beating Obama. Why is she being so stubborn? She is in debt and losing favor throughout the country. She is fighting a losing battle – she needs to drop out of this race immediately. Let Senator Obama start campaigning directly against John McCain. The Democrats cannot afford to botch the golden opportunity to occupy the White House for the next electoral term. I don’t even really pay much attention to the race anymore. It feels like a mind numbilngly tedious and foregone conclusion. Someone end Hillary’s misery already. Enough, my partisan friends, is enough.

A very random thought: when a police officer goes into a non-work related establishment, do they lock their doors? I mean, I know it’s an odd question, but I just can’t imagine a cop looking back at his car, pressing the “lock” button on his keyless entry, and then hearing the “beep beep” sound behind him as he enters the deli.

For Mother’s Day, I decided I was going to give my digital camera to my moms (and hence, the family). They desperately need one, so this should work out beneficially for all parties involved. Since I am now cameraless, I ordered a camera online a few days ago. I ended up purchasing a Canon SD750 for myself. I thought about giving the new one to my parents, but I know that they know next to diddley poo about cameras, so getting a fancy one for them would just confuse them. It’s kind of like me getting them an Ipod when a 1GB mp3 player would suffice. Sometimes, simpler is better. I kind of feel bad for giving them the used camera instead of the new one, but I think it just makes sense. Especially considering that my camera is in great condition and I’m going to give them a 1GB card too with it. I am an electronics fiend.

Oh yeah, by the way, one of these days, I’m going to try to do a few posts in a different language. Definitely Spanish and maybe even Gujarati. Coming soon my friends…

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  1. Dude…you cheap, I just got my mom a camera recently…but has she taken any pics and sent them to me? Hell naw…

    I look forward to 531.
    Can we say crashing in the living room?

  2. I don’t know man, that wheat pasta was beasting when I ate it a few months ago. I was skeptical at first, but when I ate it, I was satisfied with it, enough so that I branded it a “quality product” (it’s my seal of approval for food, patent pending).

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