Random Sunday Thoughts

Random Sunday Thoughts

Some music I have to download:

  • The theme song from the new Kia commercial (goes something like, “I just can’t get it right…just can’t get right…I guess I’m gonna give up…”)
  • The theme song from the new Heineken commercial (goes something like, “la la la love…love…la la la love…”)
  • Fleet Foxes (recommended by my indie hipster cousin Tesh Shah)

When I came home the other night from watching Ironman, I saw that there was a Bentley Coupe sitting on chrome double deuces parked in our deck. My roommate said that he thinks the driver lives in our apartment complex. I mean, no offense, but what the hell is somebody with a $200,000 car doing living in apartments? And The Heights? Really? And, furthermore, if the cat actually does live in our apartments, why is he parking his car in the deck? Why not just pay the $100/month to park it in his own personal garage? I mean, buddy has a Bentley, that just don’t make sense.

I saw Harold and Kumar 2 and Ironman over the weekend. Harold and Kumar 2 was not as good as the original, but then again, when are any sequels as good as the original? But it had its moments. Harold and Kumar capitalize on an untapped market: ethnic stereotypes. The whole black/white thing has become redundant and tired, but there is still room to poke satirical fun at ethnic groups such as Asians and Indians. Like I said, Harold and Kumar 2 had its moments – just not enough for it to outdo the original.

Ironman was pretty dope. It didn’t have as much action as I expected, but the movie was good. A majority of the movie was spent on developing the characters and the storyline. We became witness to high-velocity action and supreme special effects near the end when Ironman takes on his arch nemesis Iron Monger. There will definitely be a sequel to this movie. Robert Downey Jr. did a tremendous job of playing Tony Stark. Maybe this will be his comeback role.

How ’bout the Atlanta Hawks? The same Atlanta Hawks who, by the way, are getting pounded into submission right now by the tune of 68-34 late in the 3rd quarter. Needless to say, this series is over. Much respect to the Atlanta Hawks for stretching the number 1 seed to 7 games in the 1st round. Must respect to the Hawks for reinvigorating a dormant fan base desperate for winning basketball, desperate for a departure from NBA futility. My lasting hope is that the Hawks will somehow find a way to build on this momentum next year and become a continual force in the Eastern Conference for the next decade. We’ll see. We fans in Atlanta have become far too accustomed to being unfairly tantalized by success, only to have it ruthlessly snatched from us. Atlanta has become a “wait and see” city. With that being said, we’ll “wait and see” how good these Hawks will really be for the next decade. Since the Hawks are getting that Atlanta tail lambasted, I’ve flipped the channel over to watch “Stranger than Fiction”. Great movie. A very creative plotline.

I just signed up to LA Fitness yesterday. The local gym here at my apartment just wasn’t cutting it. Plus, a few of my friends already have membership, so maybe we can get together every now and then and work out and even run a pickup game or two. I’ll give it a shot for a few months and see how I like it. I’m gonna try to either go early in the morning or later in the evenings, because I rolled by one afternoon around 6pm and the place was jam packed. I’m sure I’ll get a better feel about it after a few months.

I think that we all should take vacations or breaks every now and then, because it gives us something to look forward to. Time just seems to go faster when you have something to look forward to. With that being said, a few days ago I booked a trip to the Big Apple for the 4th of July weekend. My cousin said there will be a big free concert in Battery Park in Manhattan followed by fireworks on the 4th. We’ll probably head to Brooklyn afterwards to some shitty dive bar or independent joint to ring in Independence Day. Sounds like a plan to me.

I am friggin’ enamored with The Food Network.  I am addicted to Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Iron Chef, and Throwdown with Bobby Flay.

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