Estoy Enamorado de Cabo

Estoy Enamorado de Cabo


After sleeping less than 20 hours total in 5 days in Cabo, I can humbly admit that I am thoroughly exhausted and lackadaisically lethargic. The last couple of days, I have been coming home during lunch and taking naps. But, I’m sure I’ll be good after I put in a few nights of good sleep.

Anyways, Cabo was amazing. My God the people at the resort were nice. They absolutely popped our top with their hospitality and kindness. I mean, everyone was cordial and friendly – from the front desk to the bartenders to the maids. Seemingly everyone greeted us with a smile and an “hola”. Plus, for selfish reasons, I loved the fact that I could practice my Spanish with locals. I even carried on a 30 minute conversation in Spanish with a Mexican grandmother from Monterrey, Mexico. Crazy stuff. I swear, if an opportunity to work abroad in a Spanish speaking country is presented to me in the future, I’m going to have to seriously consider it. I think I would have very little problem becoming a fluent Spanish speaker if given a year abroad. But, as always, I digress.

The resort itself was beautifully landscaped – it actually looked better in person than it did on the internet – a rarity. Our rooms even had minbars in them which were refilled every 2 days. We had Corona in the fridge and Tequila, Vodka, Rum, and Whiskey on the shelf – all inclusive. Are you friggin’ kiddin’ me? Un-flippin’-believable. You cannot make this up my friend, no puedes hacerlo. Below are a few pictures of the resort and “But I Love”r’s Beach (Lover’s Beach).

Anyways, the resort even had 3 swim up bars on the resort which we spent most of our afternoons at. It was great. You literally sit on a barstool that is submerged beneath the water. They even had tables that were almost entirely submerged in water. That popped our tops completely. We even got a crazy football game going on in one of the swim up bars. Apparently, people love throwing around a football.

All the bartenders were about having fun. They were intent on inebriating anyone in the vicinity of the bar. I even started calling one of the bartenders Senor Peligro (Mr. Danger), because that man was dangerous. He would just give us shots without us even asking. I mean, they literally wanted you to be voluminously inebriated! How can you not love that? This bartender was so dangerous that we were afraid to even look his way because we just knew he would make us take more shots. On the last day, he caught one of us glancing over there and he immediately took that as a sign of us wanting shots. So, he sent over two double shots of some foo foo alcoholic concoctions. Go figure. He was dangerous!

Every evening, we would head out to the bars in the main lobby area of the resort and just hang out for a few hours – chatting up the other residents and the bartenders. After an abundance of intoxication, we would head out to the city and party. This literally was our daily routine. I mean, don’t get me wrong, we also went to the beach and jetskied, but most of our day was spent on lounging leisurely and drinking.

We even had a Cabo Crew. The 1st day we got there, we were hanging out at the bar when we met some brown girls from Canada who we ended up partying with most of the weekend. They were some cool cats. They became our drankin’ partners. So, for the most part, we were 11 deep every night taking shots of tequila and sipping on mojitos and rum and cokes. It was pretty great.

There was a complacently relaxed atmosphere the entire weekend at the resort. I really think it would’ve been humanely impossible for us to not have tremendously enjoyed ourselves.

The best thing about traveling is the anticipation you feel before you leave. The worst part is that feeling of having to return home. I have known this feeling of agony too, too often. I guess that is a good thing because that means your trip was good, but I almost always suffer a mental hangover whenever I return from a vacation. But, like all things in life, the better something is, the shittier you’ll feel when you have to let go of it. But…no worries….

Now, on to wondering about where to go next….I think I can get REALLY accustomed to taking one big trip a year.

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