New Day, New Job

New Day, New Job

So….today was my 1st day at my new job…and it went well.  I am actually fairly exhausted because I only slept a few hours last night.  I guess I was nervous or anxious or something.  I kept waking up thinking that I might have overslept – hopefully I won’t have the same problem tonight.  Most of my morning was spent on getting a drug test and a physical.  After that was completed, I came back to the office and worked with a guju co-worker who showed me the ropes for the rest of the day.  Half of the engineers were out on site for startups, so I only met about 3 or 4 engineers in my department, but they all seemed cool.   It was only the 1st day, but everyone seemed cool enough and the atmosphere appears to be fairly laid back – which is a big plus.  But only so much information can be sufficed from one day.  We got 4 Gujus in the department – which I thought was cool.  Brown folks are a rarity in the controls field. 

I even received a company laptop, which will serve as my office computer.  It will also serve as the computer I’ll take with me on the road for startups.   I thought it was pretty damn cool to get my own laptop (an IBM Thinkpad).  I’m actually blogging from that very laptop right now. 

Overall, it was an uneventful 1st day – and uneventful is great.  I think that for the first few months, I’m going to be helping out a co-worker with a few of his projects.  After that, I’ll probably be able to work on a project or two on my own.  The work itself seems interesting enough.  Another great thing about this job is that they are located less than 2 miles from my apartment – it takes all of 5 minutes to drive to my job.  But, like all good things, it will not last.  They are moving to Norcross (about 10 miles away from the crib) at the beginning of next month – so my infinitesimal commute will be short lived. 

This company has so many damn benefits!  I’m not used to it.  I had to fill out so much paperwork!  With my previous employer, I don’t even remember filling out much more than a W-4 form here and an IRA form there.  But, this company seems to have pretty beneficial benefits (trust me, as obvious as that statement is, benefits aren’t always beneficial).  

Cabo is fast approaching and I haven’t packed a single article of clothing yet.  I’m going to try to get most of that done tomorrow night.  The rest of the folks coming to Cabo will be crashing at my crib on Wednesday night, so I highly doubt I’ll be able to get much packing done that night. 

I finally finished The Namesake (written by Jhumpa Lahiri).  I thought it was so-so, comme ci comme ca.  I heard great things about it, but I just wasn’t that impressed by it.  Maybe I’ve been unfairly comparing recent books I’ve read to The Kite Runner (which I am absolutely smitten over).  Either way, I felt as though the characters in The Namesake were somewhat callous and unemotional.  I know that that was probably the intention of the writer, but I just didn’t find myself sympathizing with any of the characters.  I feel as though the characters could have been more emotionally developed.  I felt as though the main character was callous and mundane – I never really got a great insight as to who Gogol was.  Jhumpa Lahiri won the Pulitzer for her short stories “Interpreter of Maladies” and maybe that is why The Namesake felt like one long story.  To be frank, I found the novel dissapointing.  It didn’t pique my interest, and I think I only finished it because I expected some sort of grand ending that would leave me more surprised than dissapointed – but that wasn’t to be.   

i can understand from an Indian reader’s perspective, especially an Indian American’s perspective, because the main character himself struggles with his identiy and heritage.  But I never felt as though the main character resolved his own insecurities and uncertainties.  I don’t really know what point the writer was trying to make in this novel, if any.  It just felt like a story that began…and ended. 

I am looking forward to reading “Into the Wild” on the planeride to Cabo.  I’ve heard good things about that book, but I’ve been dissapointed in the last two highly publicized books I’ve read (The Life of Pi and The Namesake), so, understandably I’m a little cautious at this point.

This was a relatively shitty post…too damn tired to think eloquently…

Hopefully I can make up for last night’s lost sleep tonight…   

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  1. You should try reading A Thousand Splendid Suns by the same author of the Kite Runner. It is even more emotionally griping, but the characters are a bit more….more. If that makes any sense. I have not read Life of Pi, Namesake, or Into the Wild, but I have heard mixed things about all of them. For good. but hefty reading, consider Shantaram. That is a great book about an expat living in India.

  2. arpy? i miss you!!!!!!!!!! AGH i REALLY DO!!! i can’t wait for Di Paolo.. dont’ roll ur eyes! i know what u thinking “it’s on you man.. u da okie doke”

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